Magento 2 Extensions

Muti-functional extensions and modules for Magento 2.

SmartFormer Gold for Magento2

Form Builder Pro for Magento® 2$349.00

Advanced and powerful SmartFormer Gold will extend the default Magento 2 functionality and take your custom forms to a new level. Build custom forms of any complexity within minutes. Read more

Catalog Permissions for Magento2

Catalog Permissions for Magento® 2$129.00

Hide categories or products from certain customer groups, or redirect the person to another URL such as CMS page, login, registration or contact form, etc. Create time-limited promotions based on the customer group. Read more

Hide Price for Magento2

Hide Price for Magento® 2$129.00

Get the full control over the product price visibility in Magento 2. Stimulate guests to register by hiding prices for not logged in users. Show your custom stock message or create the "call for price" link using the Hide Price extension for Magento 2. Read more

Auto Upsells for Magento2

Auto Related / Upsells / Cross-sells for Magento® 2$129.00

Add up to 15% to your business bottom line and align customers' demands with your interests using the Auto Related/Upsells/Cross-sells module for Magento 2. Read more

Product Q/A for Magento2

Product Questions & Answers for Magento® 2$129.00

Lack of product information turning your customers away? Let your customers ask additional questions about your products and share their answers directly on product pages. Read more

CMS Display Rules for Magento2

CMS Display Rules for Magento® 2$129.00

Control what customers see on your site. The extension will allow you to manage the visibility of CMS Pages and Static Blocks for different customer groups in Magento® 2. Read more

Reassign Order for Magento2

Reassign Order for Magento® 2$99.00

The extension will give you an additional control over orders in Magento® 2. You will be able to re-assign orders between customer accounts manually. Or assign guest orders to the customer account having the same email automatically. Read more

Email templates Manager for Magento2

Email Templates Manager for Magento® 2$129.00

Edit email templates in Magento® 2 in an easy and convenient way using WYSIWYG. Read more

Multiple Wishlists for Magento2

Multiple Wishlists for Magento® 2$129.00

A great extension for your customers to create multiple wishlists and plan the future purchases and the budget. Read more

Grouped Product Options for Magento2

Grouped Product Options for Magento® 2$169.00

Enable custom options on grouped products in Magento® 2. Allow grouping configurable and bundle products. Create product check lists. Read more

Product Tabs for Magento2

Product Tabs for Magento® 2$129.00

Edit your product tabs the way you need it! Add new tabs or edit existing ones globally or per product using WYSIWYG. Insert widgets, product sliders, other blocks, make tabs dynamic using the Product Tabs extension for Magento® 2 Read more

Product Price Formula for Magento2

Product Price Formula for Magento® 2$249.00

Powerful extension to calculate the product price based on your custom math formula and product options. Allows creating complex logical conditions, multiple calculation rules, price matrix and more... Read more

Store Login Access for Magento2

Store Login Access for Magento® 2$169.00

Have a private or wholesale store? Want only registered customers browse your catalog, see prices, and place orders? Hide the entire store behind the login form using the Store Login Access extension for Magento® 2. Read more

Registration Fields Manager for Magento2

Registration Fields Manager for Magento® 2$129.00

Want to add more fields on the registration form and extend the customer profile? It is easy with the Registration Fields Manager for Magento® 2. Read more

Mass Product Actions for Magento2

Product Mass Actions for Magento® 2$129.00

Enable additional mass product actions in Magento® 2 and save time updating your products. The Product Mass Actions extension is for applying the same routine time-consuming actions to multiple products all at once. Read more

AJAX Login and Registration for Magento2

AJAX Login and Registration for Magento 2$99.00

Now your customers can log in or register from any page on your website in a special DIV popup when you have the AJAX Login and Registration extension. Read more

Advanced Product Grid for Magento2

Advanced Product Grid for Magento 2$129.00

The Advanced Product Grid extension will allow you editing product attributes directly in the list of products. You will also be able to edit product images and videos on the product grid without redirects. Read more