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How to Stop Spammers from Registering on Your Magento 2 Website

How to Stop Spam Registration in Magento 2

Many of us have a variety of tasks we do during our normal day. Using public transport to make our way to work, talking to the friends on the phone, doing the daily shopping and so on. For each of these activities, we need some sort of a personal ID: bank account, telephone number or credit card credentials.

With the recent advancement of IT technology, it only takes a couple of minutes to start using one of the above-mentioned services. By going through a typical registration process in Magento 2, a user may create his or her virtual account in a matter of minutes. This is a simple and quick solution for accomplishing a variety of tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse. But with it comes a downside. Nowadays, many individuals can easily create a spam account and use it for their illegal purposes. As the result of that, people true identify is often scattered across the Web.

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How to Manage your Store Online

How to Manage Your Store Online

For many companies, introducing their business to the clients online is a very important step. After all, the majority of the modern company owners would love to gain new sales in times when their business hours are over or use their presence on the Internet as one of their competitive advantages. But if your company is willing to achieve its maximum targets, just being present on the Internet isn’t enough. Businesses must also spend both time and effort properly managing their presence online.

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5 Effective Ways to Improve Product Management Strategy

How to Improve Product Management Strategy

Some of the recent e-commerce studies have shown that over 30% of online customers in the U.S. are often willing to buy well-described products even from the merchants they’ve never heard of before. Modern consumers spend a considerable amount of time studying their potentially new belongings before actually buying them. Therefore, detailed product information is often one of the most important factors in their decision-making process. Detailed and understandable product pages give a valuable contribution towards the user’s experience, often leading to an increase in sales.

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Designing High-Performing Email Campaigns

10 Best Practices for Designing Email Templates

Nowadays, when it comes to promoting a website on the Internet, many companies employ both SEO and SEM marketing techniques. The former is a good way of improving your site’s rankings both in the short and long term. The latter, when supported by a tremendous power of Google Adwords is one of the most effective tools to supply your website with that much needed traffic.

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