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... can update and the number of ones you can still install. By scrolling the page down you will be presented with an overview of the extensions which you can either update or uninstall. In our example, we ...
2. Joomla File Magus | User Guide | IToris
Documentation/---Joomla extensions docs
... website, select Install/uninstall -> Components. Upload the pack via upload functionality there (standard Joomla installation). Full version To install the full version you will need a license ...
3. SmartFormer Gold UserGuide
Documentation/---Magento extensions docs
... to full version from there as well as update to the latest version or uninstall.   IToris Installer can be downloaded from // Start of work with SmartFormer ...
4. 2CO Integrator Documentation
Documentation/---Joomla extensions docs
... it you will NOT need to uninstall the current version. Please download the new version and install it over the existing one. All your previously submitted data will be kept. (Joomla admin area -> ...
5. SmartFormer Gold Documentation
Documentation/---Joomla extensions docs
...  Uninstalling The deinstallation of Smart Former Gold is applied through the standard Joomla! Uninstall process. Please choose Installers -> Components in the admin area of your web site. ...
6. SmartFavicon Documentation | IToris
Documentation/---Joomla extensions docs
... of every Xmonth.   Uninstallation The deinstallation of Smart Favicon is applied through the standard Joomla! uninstall process.     Please choose Install -> Components in the admin ...
7. Joomla Recently Viewed Module | IToris
Extensions/Joomla Extensions
... back easily.   How to install Recently Viewed extension? Download plug-in and module and save them locally. Login to your website’s admin area. Select Extensions –> Install/Uninstall. ...