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How to Validate Customer Registration in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2017-09-20   

How to Validate Customer Registration in Magento 2

How to manage the registration process? How to approve wholesale accounts manually? How can admin verify the entered information before allowing customers to log in your store?  It can be hard to carry out the mentioned demands using the Magento’s out of the box functionality only.

Pending Registration is a Magento 2 module responsible for validating customer registrations manually and verifying necessary users' data.  After the registration process is finished you are able to request additional information about your clients by contacting them directly by email. The admin can check the reliability and relevance of entered data before allowing customers to log in and make purchases in your store.

You will be able to set the following accounts’ statuses: approved, declined or pending.  If the pending status is chosen, customers with this status are not able to log in until approved by administrator. The customers will be notified by email about their current accounts’ statuses. If additional information is required during the registration process, the Registration Fields Manager plugin can also improve this Magento 2 functionality.

How to Validate Customer Group

Let’s apply the Pending status to the “Wholesale” customer group and configure the email notifications.

You can find the main settings following STORES -> Configuration -> ITORIS Extensions -> Pending Registration.

After you choose “Wholesale” from the list, the Pending status will be applied to this particular group. We will change the statuses of wholesale customers manually in Backend later.

Other customers from groups “General” and “Retailer” will be approved automatically, when the registration process is finished.

How to Validate Customer Groups in Magento 2

Choose the Sender and Email Template

Then go to the “Events” section allowing to choose senders and email templates dependent on the customer statuses. Let’s configure the first four options.

Choose “General Contact” in the “Admin notification email template sender” list and then select the appropriate email template provided with the extension. To customize an email template go to Marketing -> Email Templates.

You can also send notifications about the account validation to new customers by email after the registration is complete. Choose the sender in “New customer notification email template sender” and select the email template provided with the extension. Two more email templates are provided for users when accounts are either declined or approved. For more information about the email templates, please refer to the User Guide.

If you face the issue of making customer statuses pending or approved in bulk, scroll the page down to the “Existing Users” section. Choose a status in dropdown and the setting will be applied to all existing customers in your store.

After our settings are saved, let’s create a new wholesale account on Frontend.

When the registration process is finished, we will get the following message “Thank you for registration. Your account requires moderation before you can login.”

Moderation is Required in Magento 2

The customer account won’t be active until the admin validate it. If the customer tries to log in, the following notification will appear: “Your account requires moderation”.

After the account has been verified the user will get the email notifications. You can find the example of the email template below:

New Account Email in Magento 2

How to Approve Customer Account

Let’s go back to the settings and validate our newly created account manually.

Find the user on the customer grid and open for editing. Find tab “Account activation” and choose “Approved” in dropdown.

You can also approve the user on the customer grid directly by clicking the row.

How to Approve Customer Accounts Manually in Magento 2


Once our registration is validated, the customer will receive an email notification about the account’s approval.

Your Account is Approved Email in Magento 2

You can also check out our Video Tutorial for the Pending Registration module for Magento 2.