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Price Alert for Magento 2 Video Tutorial

Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-01-25   

Online prices are changing very fast and requiring constant price tracking for getting the best deals. Price alerts allow users to subscribe to products and track price changes. Both customers and guests will get the email notifications once the product price are lowered – so your consumers will be the first who get the best deal. For example, the price of your favorite headphones is too high for you. You can wait until the price is lowered, so you can get it. The Price Alerts extension for Magento 2 provides you the opportunity to notify users by email once the prices are dropped, or let users enter a desired price to send alerts for.

How to Setup the Price Alerts on Product Pages

After the extension is enabled link "Get a notification about the price change?" will be shown on product pages for all users. Just enter the email within the appeared input box. The logged in users can subscribe to products with just one click. Both customers and guests can also enter a specific price the alert will be sent for. Users will be notified after the initial price is dropped below a certain amount.

Once the customer has subscribed, the separate section with all price changes will be available on the dashboard. Customers can easily check how the price of the product has gone up or down over time. As soon as the price is lowered, the customer will receive the email notifying about the changed price.

How to Unsubscribe from Getting the Price Alerts

Users can unsubscribe from getting the notifications at any time.

There are two ways to do that:

A. Unsubscribe on the Dashboard. Customers can unsubscribe directly from the list of all price alerts on the Dashboard. The link is available next to each product in the list.

B. Unsubscribe from all price alerts in Email. Users can also unsubscribe from all price alerts by clicking the link in the email.

In this video tutorial you will see how to enable the price change notifications, manage the general settings, track the subscriptions in backend and frontend, and customize the templates. For more detailed information please refer to the User Guide.

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