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How to proceed to one page checkout

Magento Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2017-03-13   


By default Magento allows multi-page checkout only. As a rule such type of checkout may take some time, if customers have to return back and change entered information. One page checkout allows to keep an eye on how many fields left and helps customers to make a quick purchase decision.

The One Page Checkout extension for Magento allows to fulfill all relevant information within one page without reloads and forward steps. Now your potential customers will be much closer to future purchases as one page checkout allows to log in or register directly during checkout process, check out the products' details, prices, change quantities. Such functionality can help greatly to improve customer experience and build strong relationships.

Let us show how the One Page Checkout extension works.

Choose a product, add it to cart, and proceed to checkout.

After the extension has been installed, it substitutes standard Magento checkout. All the information is on the same page. There are 5 main blocks.

The "Check Your Order" block allows to view products' details, after you click the product's name. Your customers can easily change the product's quantity by choosing "up" or "down" in the "Qty" column.

If your customers have the accounts, the extension will help to login directly on checkout. The link "Login?" is available next to "Guest Checkout". Your guests can also register easily. After checkbox "Create an account" is chosen, guests will be required to enter a password and confirm it. Such features will allow customers and guests save plenty of time and pay much attention to purchases.

Your customers can easily manage both billing and shipping addresses. If the billing address is the same, option "Ship to this address" is chosen. If your customers have different addresses, "Ship to different address" opens a new form for shipping address. Also link "Copy from Billing Address" allows to copy billing address to shipping address. Now your customers will have a clear idea if the entered information is correct.




After customers click "Login", the ajax-driven modern box appears on checkout.




Shipping methods and fees available are displayed after an address has been populated as the fees and methods available depend on the address.

To check the product's details, click the name and the information will slide down. Below there is ability to apply coupon codes. It works the same way as standard Magento does apart from there is no page’s overloading.

To protect your store from spamming, the extension provides Captcha on guest checkout. You can enable Captcha in backend as in default Magento.




Shipping options and costs will be displayed immediately depending on the entered address. Your customers choose the preferable payment options, and go to the final step.

The extension helps to add "Terms & Conditions" on checkout and provides the convenient WYSIWYG editor. If this setting is enabled, once the "Place Order" button is pressed they are displayed to your customers. Customers should press the "I agree" button to complete the order.




The One Page Checkout extension simplifies the checkout process greatly making it as smooth and safe as possible.

Your customers will see all relevant information directly on one page and not wait until another page with a number of fields appear. Make the checkout process safe, quick and easy and motivate customers to complete as many purchase orders as possible.

Learn more about the extension's features in our Video Tutorial about One Page Checkout for Magento.