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How to hide prices in Magento

Magento Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2017-01-05   


How do store owners enhance brand's awareness involving customers into store activity? There are a lot of ways to do that. One of them is hiding prices. For example, you want customers to log in before showing product prices. Thus registration in your store will be required. Or you have unique products for VIP clients, and don't want wholesalers to see these prices. The Product and Price Visibility Rules module for Magento will help to achieve it.

Imagine that you sell ski gear along with the most expensive skis for freeriding for the "Private Sales Member" customer group. You can leave skis visible for all users but only private members will see the prices. The extension is a perfect tool that allows to manage not only prices, but hide separate products or even entire categories.

After installing the module, please go to the main settings System –>IToris extensions –> Product and Price Visibility. The settings allow to manage prices for all products globally or per store.




Select necessary user groups in "All products are hidden to the following user groups". Apart from the price, button "Add to Cart" will also become invisible. You can hide prices all the time, or for a selected period of time only. If product prices should be shown only for wholesalers for a limited period of time, you can enter the start and end date in the "Restriction by group" fields. Also the extension allows to set different modes. So you can not only hide prices, but also show custom messages, disable "Add to Cart" or set the "Out of Stock" status.

Now let's go to a certain product and hide its price. Open the product and choose tab "Product and Price Visibility Rules" on the left.




In section "Price Visibility Rules" select the "NOT LOGGED IN" customer group, thus the product's price would not be visible for this certain group. After you expand dropdown "Price hiding mode" you will see the following 4 modes:




If you select "Show Out of Stock" the chosen customer group will see only the "Out of Stock" label. Others will see the price in a regular way. "No Price" allows to show the product without price and ability adding to cart. If you need to show the price, but disable adding to cart, please select the last mode. The extension allows to leave a custom message for this mode.

For the selected product let's choose the "Show Custom Stock Status" mode. This mode will hide the price. Please enter the message for the user group in the appeared field.

This is how the product will look on the Frontend. Customers should log in to see the price. This is the way how you can hide prices using the Hide Price extension.




The extension will help to create necessary conditions for store owners to manage prices for certain customer groups. You will be able to hide prices for all products or selected ones, make "Add to Cart" invisible, or leave a message instead prices. Involve your customers into shopping activity and increase user loyalty with the Product and Price Visibility Rules extension for Magento.