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How to create a grouped promoset with custom options in Magento

Magento Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2017-01-20   


Grouped products may become a useful tool while running online stores. You can offer more products and increase sales. The Magento Grouped Product Promotions extension will allow to purchase products in special sets for different occasions and create discounts for products with custom options within a grouped product.

Imagine that you want to offer for your retail customers a knife set where each product has custom options and discounts. The extension allows to apply separate promotion rules to different combinations of simple products and customer groups, or make your promotion permanent or temporary. You will be able to display promotion blocks on products pages that will definitely draw customers' attention and motivate to purchase more.

Let's walk through the general settings and create a grouped product promoset. After the extension is enabled, open a grouped product and find the newly created "Promotion Rules" tab. To add a new rule, please click button "Create New Rule". The promotion rule allows to set seasonal sales ④, for instance your promoset may be active during Christmas only, choose a certain customer group ⑧ when only VIP Members could purchase your Chinese porcelain vase sets.




Enter the rule's name in "Title" ①. If you have several rules, you are able to define their position ②. Set the "Active" status ③ to make the promotion visible on the Frontend.

The extension allows to apply different price calculation methods ⑤. If you want to set a fixed or percentage discount for each product use the "Manual discounts for associated products" method. Also you are able to include or exclude some products from the set. Just mark or clear checkboxes "In Set"⑥. If you have bundle products and want to show them inseparable with fixed quantity, you may create a bundle promoset in Magento. Read more about how to create a bundle offer with custom options in Magento.

Setting "Show promoset on this product" ⑦ displays the promoset on the product's pages. If your customers face one of the products from this promoset, they will see it in the "Our Promotions" block. Your customers will see the promoset in the shopping cart as well.

Furthermore, you can easily hide the grouped product but show it for separate products in this set by choosing General -> Visibility -> Not Visible Individually.

If you need to insert the promoset into CMS pages or static blocks ⑨, use the code under each promoset setting or a widget.




The second calculation method is "Discount for the Entire Promoset". You no longer need to set separate discounts for certain products. The method allows to enter a fixed or percentage discount for the whole set. Let's say you want to offer 50% OFF all products in a promoset. Enter the necessary discount in inputbox and choose "Percent".




The last method allows to enter a fixed price for the whole package. It's called "Fixed Price for the Entire Promoset". Using this method the difference between the initial and final price will provide a discount. If the products have options that should increase the final price, the last one won't change. This rule does not apply to the first two calculation methods, as the final price will change depending on the paid custom options.

Your grouped product promoset will look on the Frontend as it follows.




The discount, the regular and total prices show how much customers will save. All your grouped promosets will be displayed in the "Our Promotions" block on products' pages.

This is how the promoset will look on the Homepage.




Now you can offer customers even more possibilities to find and purchase more products. Show a promoset for products related to the grouped one. Set different calculation methods and make prices more attractive. The extension allows to create a promoset with custom options and ability to configure them directly before purchase. Complete as many promotion rules as you wish and produce outstanding customer service within the Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento.