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How to attach files in Magento

Magento Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2016-12-23   


Let's imagine the following situation. You are running a furniture or a tool online store in Magento and want your customers to be provided with comprehensive information such as "how to use" tips, product manuals, instructions, downloadable images, or symbolic links. Or you need to attach files to CMS pages or static blocks. Now you are able to develop and extend your own unique content using the Downloads & Attachments Anywhere extension for Magento.

You can organize important files into categories and publish them anywhere on your site. Do you need to attach "License Agreement" to the "Private Policy" page? Or upload special promotion for a specific customer group? The module is a good tool to meet all your requirements.

Let’s see how to add downloadable files to a product. After you enable the extension, choose the necessary product. Once the module has been installed the additional "Attachments" tab will appear in the backend. Here you can see the special area for uploading files.


Click the "Browse Files" button, pick up several files for uploading and then press "Upload Files". If you have to upload the same file for several products – you no longer need to reupload it each time. Select it in the "Load Existing Document" area. Also if you have several files you can easily organize them into categories, thus your customers may quickly find information.  Enter the title in the "Create New Category" field and click "Create". Then simply drag files to a category and drop there. If you have a file located on other server, you are able to put a symbolic link in "Create External Download".


After attaching files to the product, you can edit them individually. For instance, set the date when your attachment should be visible if you want to offer special promotion or other information. Or set special visibility permission for certain stores or customer groups.

This is how newly created attachments will look on the Frontend.


Now let's upload file "License Agreement" to the CMS page. Please open the "Privacy Policy" page, select "Content" from the left tabs and insert widget "IToris CMS Attachments" in a usual Magento way. You can add files in a way described above. You can create a download that will appear in customer's account only after a certain product has been purchased.


When you open the "Privacy Policy" page on the Frontend you will see the attached file.


There is ability to upload files for multiple customers in bulk or per customer. To attach a file to a customer account, choose the customer and find the "Downloads" tab. To create a personal set of files, please clear the "Use Global" checkbox. You will see the list of files available for editing. If certain products are bought, customers can download files in their account.

To upload files for multiple customers, go to the attachments configuration System -> Itoris Extensions -> Attachments Anywhere.


As you can see the extension provides separate tabs for different customer groups. It greatly simplifies file uploading, especially if you need to upload dozens of documents. Also you are able to manage files, delete or detach them, attach files to multiple products in bulk, change the icons' sizes, set 2 security modes that helps to make links private.

Let's attach a file to the "General" group and then go to the Frontend. In the "Downloads" section your customer will see the attached files.


Offer your customers interesting and useful content using the Downloads & Attachments Anywhere extension for Magento. Now you can attach downloadable files to product pages, CMS pages, static blocks, each customer or multiple ones. To make files look more organized, you are able to create separate categories. The extension is a versatile tool that will help to find your faithful customers.

Check out our Video Tutorial about the main features of Downloads & Attachments Anywhere.