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How to Enable Price Alerts in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-03-01   

How to Enable Price Alerts in Magento 2

Offering price subscriptions helps store owners increase customer loyalty and improve revenue. Decreasing or increasing prices will stimulate customers to visit your website more often, track the price changes and register in your store. How to let customers know about the price changes? Now users won't be left in the dark when you decrease product prices and want to inform them about it.

The Price Alerts extension for Magento 2 is a good price tracking tool that entices users to subscribe to products and allows to enable email notifications about the price changes. If your customers want to be alerted when you decrease prices you can provide customers with email notification each time to let them know if the price has gone down. Or you can suggest users entering custom prices and send alerts when the initial price is dropped below the specific price.

The extension provides fully customizable email template allowing you to translate or change information within the email for different store views. Your customers can also unsubscribe from notifications in several ways which gives them the full control over the activity on the website.

In general, customers don’t like to hear about price changes, especially when the prices have already been high. What will your customer do if the price of his favorite jeans has been increased by 20%? He will mostly look for the same product at better prices somewhere else. And vice versa, if the product prices go down and the subscription is activated there will be a great incentive for the customer to visit your website again and get the product.

Moreover, consumers may not leave their emails in the subscription box because of concerns over difficult cancellations in future. Allowing them to unsubscribe from getting emails at any time and at any place will play a positive role in their decision to subscribe to those email updates right from the beginning.

Now let's have a deeper insight into the Price Alerts extension and its features. You can enable the general settings following STORES > Configuration > ITORIS EXTENSIONS > Price Alerts. The global settings will become the default ones for all of your products. You can change the sender and choose the email template. If you want to change the alerts separately you can set them for certain store views that override the global settings.

How to Subscribe to Price Alerts on Frontend

After you activate the extension the subscription box becomes available on each product page. Do you want your customers to subscribe to configurable products with the certain attribute set? After users select the attributes the email box will be shown for the subscription. Mark the checkbox and enter a specific price to activate the alert for. For example, you want to get headphones less then $50.00. If the price is lowered to the entered value, you wil be notified by email.


How to Subscribe to Price Alerts on the Product Page


To subscribe to the price alerts, do the following:

1. If you are the not logged in user click the "Get a notification about the price change?" link.

2. Check "Send alert for specific price?" and enter a custom price.

3. Enter your email in the appeared subscription box.

4. Click button "Subscribe" to get the email notification.

The logged in users can subscribe without entering emails. Just click the link and hit "Subscribe". After the customer subscribes, an email will be sent once the price is decreased.

Please note the notifications will be sent automatically at 3 AM daily if the cron job is configured. More detailed information about the cron job configuration is available in the Magento 2 documentation.


How to Manage Subscriptions on the Dashboard

Once the subcribed users log in, the "My Price Alerts" Tab will be available on the Dashboard. The extension provides the list with all active subscriptions. It's a convenient way for customers to track the price changes, check information about products or have the ability to unsubscribe from getting the emails.

Your customers will see the date when the subscription is activated, the products' titles, the first seen price before the subscription, the current price with the detailed price calculation. If the price is decreased the downward arrow and price discounts will be displayed. If the price is increased the upward arrow will appear. If prices are decreased the subscribed customer will get the notification with the information about the product and its discount.

Users can also unsubscribe from getting notifications. The "Unsubscribe" link is available in the last "Actions" column. The "Reset Price" link makes the first seen price equal to the current price and sets the current creation date.


How to Manage Price Alerts on the Dashboard in Magento 2


How to Manage Subscriptions From Backend

Admin can manage alerts in the customer settings from the Backend too. Please note the price alerts are available for registered customers only. You can find the list with all subscriptions following CUSTOMERS > All Customers > choose a customer > Price Alerts.

Admin can track and filter necessary alerts by entering values in the search fields in each column. You can unsubscribe the customer from the email notifications or reset prices respectively.


How to Manage Price Alerts in Backend in Magento 2


How to Unsubscribe From Getting Email Notifications

If you provide customers with the opportunity to unsubscribe from getting notifications in different ways they won't have any doubts about future cancelations. The extension provides several ways to manage the one-click unsubscribe functionality.

1. The list with all alerts on the Dashboard. Provide the "Unsubscribe" link on the grid to let customers control their subscriptions in the most convenient way.

2. The link on product pages. The logged in customers can unsubscribe from getting emails directly on the product pages. The customer will be notified if the subscription is activated via message "You are subscribed to get a notification about the price change. Unsubscribe?". To unsubscribe from the product click "Unsubscribe?"

3. The link in the email directly. The extension allows to unsubscribe from all price alerts in bulk within the email using the "unsubscribe" link.


Price Alerts in Emails in Magento 2


The Price Alerts extension for Magento 2 sends the email notifications to subscribed customers once the product price is decreased. Moreover, admin and registered customers can track the price updates in backend and frontend respectively.