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How to Set up Tier Prices for Options in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-06-06   

How to Set up Tier Prices for Options in Magento 2

Tiered pricing is a good way to entice customers to put more items into the shopping cart. The tiered pricing strategy means offering a quantity discount per item. For example, imagine you have 20 items to be sold. Using tier prices the first 4 items would cost $12 each, and 8 items would cost $10 each. If you want to get more than 12 items in bulk its cost would be $6 each. This is how you provide the discount for selling multiple products in bulk.

By default Magento 2 allows to set up tier prices and apply quantity discounts for products only. What if you want to offer a discount for a product option, but the out-of-the-box functionality doesn't include it? Let's say, you need to add more strings as an option to one pack but at lower prices. The Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento 2 provides customers the best deals by setting up tier prices for options. Now you can decrease the price per one set of strings, if customers make multiple purchases in bulk.

Now let's apply tier prices on the options level based on the following "Monogram" example.

After the extension has been activated, let's add a customizable product and create options following:

PRODUCTS > Catalog > open {customizable product} > Dynamic Product Options. Using the editor create the options based on the "Radio Buttons" field type. As Magento doesn't support the individual tiered options pricing, the extension provides a separate column "Tier" which allows to offer a discount.

1. Click the "edit" icon in the "Tier" column.

2. Click link "Add Tier Price". You can set an unlimited number of tier price rules per one option

Please note, if checkboxes "Qty" are not marked, the quantity of options will depend on the quantity of your main product. If the checkbox is marked, users can specify the number of options on the product page itself.

Configure Prices in the Options Configuration

3. Enter the minimum quantity of the option in "Min QTY" and enter its price per item.

4. Select if the price should be fixed or percentage from the product's price.

5. Go on to set up new rules or delete unnecessary ones by clicking the "Remove" link.

Set up Tier Prices for Options in Magento 2

6. After all changes are made, click the "Apply" button below the options configuration field and save the product.

As the checkboxes "Qty" have been marked in the settings, users can easily enter a custom quantity in the input box above the option. The final product price is updated automatically after the options quantities have been changed.

Tier Price on Frontend

The Dynamic Product Options extension includes the ability to add tier prices for individual options and helps to involve customers who can get higher priced packages. If you want to associate options to existing products in your store and set up tier prices for them you can check this article "How to Create a Bundle Offer Based on Custom Options in Magento 2".