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How to create a bundle offer based on custom options in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2017-01-10   


Bundling of products is a smart way to increase your profit by selling sets of goods for a lower price. What if you don't need to create separate bundle products but add a bundle offer as additional options to the main product? For instance, you sell a bike, and want to create a bundle offer that includes a cycle bell, a bottle, a track pump, and theft protection. The Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento 2 allows to associate options to other products. Now customers will see your bundle offer on the same page view with the rest of options.

Customers may be unaware of existing certain goods in your store. You can easily add them to a product, thus users will see the whole set. If a customer has chosen the option from a bundle offer, the associated product's inventory will be deducted on checkout. Therefore, the module will definitely help to manage the inventory.

Now let's create a bundle offer based on custom options. After you install the extension, please go to the backend and choose a product on the product grid. Click the edit link and expand the Dynamic Product Options section. Now let's create options and associate them to the product in the "Options Configuration" settings.




Choose the edit icon in a cell. Select field type "Checkboxes" [1], enter the title [2] and click the "Add Option" link in the appeared popup.




To associate the option to the product, find "Sku/Product ID" [3]. You can enter Sku of option or click "Link" to find products.




After the popup appears, choose a necessary product and click "Select". Also the extension allows to enable the quantity for options. Just mark the "Qty" checkboxes. The option price will be multiplied by the quantity selected. Furthermore, if you want to provide a lower price for a bulk purchase, the extension allows to set tier prices for each option effortlessly. Your customers will see a short message, for instance "Buy 4 for $19.99 each", under a product quantity.




Find the "Tier" setting and click "+ Add Tier Price". Enter minimum quantity of the option and price in the popup. In dropdown "Price Type" select if the additional charge should be fixed or percentage from the default price. Then click "Apply". Also if you want to make options dependent you can read how to create dependent custom options in Magento 2.




If one of the option is out of stock, it will be disabled on the Frontend. This is how you can create your bundle offer and move your store to the next level.




The module provides you with creating your own bundle products by associating custom options with existing products in your store. Also when your customers choose options in a bundle offer, associated product's inventory is deducted on checkout automatically. Or you can easily set tier prices for each option and offer a bulk purchase for a lower price. Bundling may enhance your store's offering and lead to extra sales within the Magento 2 Dynamic Product Options extension.

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