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How to reassign orders in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2016-11-15   


While managing stores in Magento have you ever experienced situations when your customers ask to assign guest orders to existing customers' accounts? Or combine all orders from different accounts into a single one? By default Magento won't allow to do this. But the ITORIS team will help to predict customers' wishes and provide more possibilities for you and your clients.

Using the Reassign Order extension for Magento 2 you can reassign orders between customers' accounts manually, assign guest orders to the customer account with the same email automatically, and even more.

You can find the extension following STORES -> Settings -> Configuration -> ITORIS EXTENSIONS -> Reassign Order. After the extension is enabled, go to the general settings.




The Reassign Order extension allows to assign guest orders to accounts automatically. As by default this setting is disabled, choose "Yes" in dropdown to reassign guest orders with the same email to registered accounts on checkout. While reassigning orders you can also override customer's name. Choose "Yes" in the "Overwrite Customer name" dropdown.

The Reassign Order extension also allows to send notifications about reassignment to customers by email. It will help to keep your customers informed about all recent changes concerning reassignment. By default the "Order reassigned" email template is set.

Using the extension you can also reassign order manually through the backend. To do that go to SALES -> Operations -> Orders -> {some order} -> View. After you open the order details view, click button "Reassign Order" at the top of the page.




After the popup appears you can select a customer in the list to reassign the order to. Choose the customer and click link "Select". There are two checkboxes in the appeared popup. You can overwrite the customer's name selecting the checkbox, or check "Notify Customer" and the email about the order reassignment will be sent to the customer.




You can see that Adam Black's order is reassigned to Miller's one. After you've marked the necessary checkboxes click button "Assign". After reassignment scroll the page down. You can find the record as the extension provides a detailed history.




The customer is notified by email.




If your customer contacts you and asks to combine multiple orders from different accounts into a single one, you can easily do it using the extension. On the orders' list choose the "Action" control. After the extension is enabled, additional action "Assign to Customer" will be shown. Select orders and choose this action. After the popup appears choose customers you want to reassign the orders to.

Reassign Order is a good tool that helps to reassign orders to other customer accounts manually or automatically. When your customer asks you to assign guest orders to an existing customer account, you can do it without any difficulties. The extension offers email notifications to keep your customers informed about any changes. Admin will also be provided with the fully detailed history.

This Video Tutorial about Reassign Order will guide you through the extension's functionality in minutes.