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How to Match Prices in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-05-22   

How to Match Prices in Magento 2

Internet shopping has become an indispensable part of our life. Storeowners make up savvy ways to attract more customers, get more sales and drive more profits. How to entice new customers and stay ahead of your competitors? Nowadays many retail companies adhere to the price matching policy. Such policies can be different, but the main idea of price matching is to get the product at the competitor's price or lower.

For example, users are looking for the best deals and comparing prices for the same products on different websites. If your customers are requesting a lower price, you can make them fill in a special price request form asking for the competitor's price and website. The Price Match extension for Magento 2 enables such form on product pages and allows to lower prices by decreasing the initial product price or providing a coupon code.

How to Request a Price Match on Frontend

You can enable the price match form on each product page including simple, virtual, configurable and grouped products.

To enable the price match form, do the following:

1. Configure the product if necessary.

2. Click link "Found a better price? Let us know and we'll match it". You can easily customize the label, the settings of which will be highlighted in section "How to Configure Price Matches from Backend".


How to Request a Price Match on Frontend in Magento  2


3. Fill in the necessary fields in the popup:

A. Enter your name and email the notification will be sent to if the price match request has been approved.

B. Enter the matching price and the URL where the same product is available.

C. Fill in the "Comment" field if necessary.

D. Click button "Submit".

After the submission is complete it will be displayed on a separate grid in backend allowing admin to control all price matches and manage multiple requests in bulk.


The Price Match Request Form on Frontend in Magento 2


How to Manage Price Matches in Backend

All submitted requests are collected on a separate grid in backend following Sales > Operations > Price Match Requests. All requests can be easily sorted and filtered on the list. The detailed information helps admin take a quick look at records and apply necessary actions.

There are three main actions:

Edit – opens the price match request for editing.

Reject – denies the price match request with the Pending status only.

Remove – removes the chosen requests from the list.

The Price Match Grid in Backend in Magento 2


How to Approve a Price Match Request

Admin can approve submitted requests, send a coupon or reject a certain request. Let's open a request for editing and create a discount for a customer. Before approving or rejecting the request, the information submitted by the user will be available above the resolution section.

If the request has the "Pending" status the block "Resolution" will appear below the request's details.

1. Fill in the "Response" field to add your comments to the request.

2. You can choose one of the following methods:

A. Lower the product price to the requested price. The price will be decreased to the requested one. The customer will be notified by email.

B. Send a one-time coupon for the price difference. A one-time coupon will be generated and sent by email.

C. Reject request. The method rejects the price match request and applies the "Reject" status.

3. Let’s choose the second option "Generate a one-time coupon" and apply the changes.


Approve the Request by Sending a Coupon in Magento 2


Price Match Requests in Email

Once the request has been approved via the "sending a coupon" method, the customer will get the coupon code to be used once during the checkout process. This is how the email will look like:


The Price Match in Email in Magento 2


If the price is lowered according to the chosen first method the original product price will be lowered and the customer will be notified by email.


The Price Match in Email in Magento 2



How to Configure Price Matches from Backend

You can configure the price match settings globally and per product as well. The price match settings for a product are inherited automatically. You can customize them separately within the product configuration. If you don't want your limited and cheap collection of sunglasses to be compared with your competitors, you can disable the price match per each sunglasses.

The general settings are available following: STORES > Settings > Configuration > ITORIS EXTENSIONS > Price Match.

You can easily choose the email templates to be sent to users and admin and specify their senders. Are you running multiple store views in Magento 2? The extension allows to change and translate the link label and comments in the popup. Just pick the necessary store view, make all changes and save the settings.


The Price Match General Settings in Magento 2