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How to Enable Out of Stock Notifications

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-03-02   

How to Enable Out of Stock Notifications in Magento 2

If you are running an eСommerce store, you might deal with out of stock items. Imagine if some popular products are out of stock. What are the steps to avoid losing your potential customers and get some benefits? Would it be better to remove products, display related ones, suggest discounts or redirect customers to other pages? All listed methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Out of Stock Notifications extension for Magento 2 allows you to send a message to your valued consumers once your products are back in stock again. Ask your customers to leave their email addresses by subscribing to the "In Stock" alerts on product pages directly and remind them when the products are available. You can also provide the convenient subscriptions management on the Dashboard. The extension also allows to track alerts in backend, customize the default email template and choose a sender.

What can happen if you hide out of stock products in your store? It can lead to customer assumptions that the products are not available. If customers bookmarked those products they may be redirected to the wrong page.

But if you leave a product with the out of stock status visible for customers, how can you remind them when the product is back in stock? Users can not check its status every day. It would be easier for them to visit your competitors' stores. Remind customers via email when your product is back in stock. Allow both guests and customers to subscribe and receive an email when an item is available again.

Out of stock products may have a great impact on your sales. And suggesting customers alternative methods can help store owners to handle these products.


How to Subscribe to Out Of Stock Notifications

After the extension is enabled your customers and guests can subscribe to getting the email notifications once the products are in stock. The subscription box is available on each product page.

To subscribe to the "In Stock" alerts, do the following:

1. If you are not logged in and the chosen product is out of stock click the "Get a notification once product is back in stock?" link.

2. Enter your email in the subscription box and click the "Subscribe" button. If a guest wants to enter the same email in the subscription box once again the notification message "You are already subscribed." will appear.

There is no need for the logged in customers to enter the email in the box. Just click the "Get a notification once product is back in stock?" link and you will be subscribed automatically.

Please note the notifications will be sent automatically at 3 AM daily if the cron job is configured. More detailed information about the cron job configuration is available in the Magento 2 documentation.

How to Subscribe to In Stock Alerts in Magento 2


How to Manage the "In Stock" Subscriptions on Dashboard

Logged in customers can track all their subscriptions in a separate section on the Dashboard. All subscriptions are collected in the "My Out of Stock Alerts" tab in the list. Users can track the date of subscription, the details about the product, its current status. Your customers can also unsubscribe from the alerts using the "Unsubscribe" link.


How to Manage Out of Stock Notifications on Dashboard in Magento 2


How to Manage the "In Stock" Alerts in Backend

You can manage subscriptions of registered customers only. All subscriptions are available following CUSTOMERS > All Customers > choose a customer > CUSTOMER INFORMATION > Out of Stock Alerts.

All alerts can be managed and filtered directly on the grid. To filter subscriptions enter necessary values in the fields. The table contains the information about the product's ID, the product name, the date when the subscription was activated, the product's stock status. Admin can also unsubscribe the customer from getting the notifications using the "Unsubscribe" link.


How to Manage Out of Stock Alerts in Backend in Magento 2


How to Unsubscribe From Getting Email Notifications

You can allow customers to unsubscribe from the "In Stock" alerts in different ways. Thus customers will have more options to manage their subscriptions.

1. The list with all subscriptions on the Dashboard. The "Unsubscribe" link is available in the "Action" column that makes it convenient to track all alerts in one place.

2. Unsubscribe from the product pages. The logged in customers can unsubscribe from getting notifications directly on the product pages. The customer will be notified if the subscription is active via message "You are subscribed to get a notification once product is back in stock. Unsubscribe?". To unsubscribe from the product click "Unsubscribe?"

3. The link in the email directly. The extension allows to unsubscribe from all product alerts in the email directly via the "unsubscribe" link.


Out of Stock Notifications in Email in Magento 2


The Out of Stock Notifications extension for Magento 2 allows to subscribe to out of stock products to get alerts once products are back in stock. Customize the default email template, manage subscriptions from backend and frontend, provide various ways to unsubscribe from getting the "In Stock" Alerts.