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How to enable additional product mass actions in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2016-10-31   


You may probably agree that managing huge ecommerce web-sites can be difficult especially if you have a lot of products to update. Thus editing your products will take some time applying routine time-consuming actions to multiple products. ITORIS has found a solution. Our team is glad to present the extension that saves your time.

The Product Mass Actions extension for Magento 2 is a perfect tool to simplify updating process especially when you have plenty of similar products. Using the extension you can update product attributes in bulk, add or subtract a value from the price attributes. Now you are able to assign selected products to multiple categories, replace or copy custom options from a product to several ones, etc. You no longer need to spend time while updating products manually. Read more about the extension in the User Guide.

After you enable the extension, go to PRODUCTS -> Inventory -> Catalog. Let's update product attributes for multiple products in bulk. Select products in the list and pull down the "Actions" dropdown. Additional actions are highlighted with blue.




To update product attributes for a number of products click "Mass Attribute". In the appeared popup select the attribute you wish to update. In our case it's "Price".




The extension allows to add the value to the current product's price or using the "Subtract" method to deduct the value. Also if you have an attribute as a multiple listbox you are able to add or remove values from the multi-select attributes. Thus it will help to save your time while updating attributes in bulk.




The extension allows to copy or replace custom options from a product to several ones. You are able to remove all custom options in bulk in selected products. If you choose "Replace" or "Append" the popup appears and you can select the product to load options from. Enter the product ID or click link "Not sure?" to load the products list for selection.




You can apply "Replace", "Append", or "Remove" to other actions. Let's go to "Related Products". You can replace or append related options. Just select the product you wish to load the relations from. You can update "Upsells", "Cross-sells" or "Images" in the same way as "Related Products".

You no longer need to repeat the same actions for each product. Just choose product your wish to copy relations from and select products to copy the relations to.

Now let's update "Categories". Click the "Actions" dropdown. You can "Replace", "Append" or "Remove" categories' assignment for multiple products. After clicking "Append", select categories to assign the selected products to. Click "OK" to save the settings.




The Product Mass Actions extension provides ability to update products' attributes in bulk. Also if you have a number of similar products and want to apply the same products options in all of them the extension is what you need. You no longer need to redo the same actions to update some products. The extension can apply mass actions via SQL queries. Thus your actions will be processed instantly. The extension makes updating products' attributes simple.

You can also check out the video tutorial about the Product Mass Acrions extension's features.