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How to edit custom options for different store views in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2016-10-17   


Creating a multilingual website is always a good opportunity for owners who have customers from around the world. Thus if you have the variety of products and want to present custom options of these product for your international customers, the ITORIS team has developed a solution. We've created the Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento 2.

By default Magento won't allow to translate custom options for different store views. The extension offers not only the translation, but changing prices or creating dependent options for a certain store view. For more information about Dynamic Product Options, please check out our User Guide.

Now let’s imagine that you are running English and French websites. Dynamic Product Options allows to edit and translate custom options for different store views. Go to PRODUCTS -> Inventory -> Catalog -> Add Product -> Dynamic Product Options -> Options Configuration. Select the necessary store and go to "Dynamic Product Options" to edit custom options.




You won't be allowed to create new options, except for "Image" and "HTML Text" for a specific store. That should be done in the default configuration scope and then inherited to the store view scope. But you can edit the existing options and translate them. Unchecked "Use default". You can see custom options in the English language.




Now let's translate options into French. You can edit each option, for instance, change titles, prices, make options visible for one store view or hidden for another or change other properties. Let's translate each title into French in the "Title" property. For instance, title "Pattern" will be translated as "Motif", and etc. After translating options, click button "Apply" to save the field.




On the Frontend choose the "French" store view. The store view will be translated into French. As you have already translated custom options in the backend, they will be shown also in French. Thus you will have the high-grade store view for French-speaking customers.




Except for translating custom options, the Dynamic Product Options extension also allows to change custom prices, for instance, for retail or wholesale store, hide some options by setting visibility = hidden.




Using the extension you can do the following:

1 – change prices for different store views.

2 – set tier prices for store views. For instance, you can set a certain price for a minimum quantity for a wholesale store.

3 – make your options visible or hidden for different store views following: set Hidden=Visible to hide an option. Then change the store and set Visible=Hidden for another one.

4 – also the extension allows to make fields dependent. You can set different conditions for different store views. Read more about how to create dependent custom options in Magento 2 in our article.

Using the extension you can configure options for different store views separately including translation. Translate all custom options the way you need it, set different prices and make visible or hidden some options for store views.

The Dynamic Product Options extension is the ultimate solution to manage products' custom options for different store views.

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