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How to create daily deals or weekly specials in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-02-27   

Daily Deals and Weekly Specials in Magento 2 from Itoris

Applying special offers in Magento 2 stores creates a powerful trigger making your offers irresistibly attractive for potential customers. Magento 2 itself provides several ways to promote products and drive customer conversions by setting special offers, adding catalog and cart price rules. But managing all deals and offers per product is time-consuming while customers may stay uninformed about upcoming or current discounts.

The Daily Deals extension for Magento 2 helps savvy store owners to manage all existing daily deals on one page from backend. The built-in countdown timer notifies users about weekly specials and can be inserted anywhere on your website. Moreover, the extension enables the list with all active deals on a separate page in the most convenient way for you and your consumers.

How can you benefit offering customers daily deals?

Daily deals provide you with several advantages you will have at your disposal.

1. Attract customers. Your store will experience more traffic if special offers are time limited. People are more willing to search for discounted items rather than purchasing products of the full price. Using the extension you can enable the separate blocks with daily deals on all category and search results pages as well as the Homepage, product pages and cart. The first thing your customers will see is products on sale before searching for other items.

You can also allow customers to see the whole list with active offers with special prices and catalog price rules. Moreover, you can customize its URL globally and per store view providing your personal approach to customers.

2. Increase sales. You can apply incentive percentages like 10-15% OFF or 50-70% OFF to products moving them on Frontend. After you add special prices or catalog price rules default Magento won't show the percentage value, for example on Frontend. The extension provides the detailed price calculation in the blocks with daily deals. For example, if you own a small clothes store you can offer customers a popular backpack at the discounted price for a limited period of time. Now users will see how much they save and be informed when the offer ends or begins.

How to create daily deals based on special prices

Magento 2 allows to create special offers via the products' settings directly. Or you can create a special offer from the separate page "All Deals" from backend using the extension. You no longer need to look for products and open them separately.

Go to the all deals list

You can create and track special offers on the grid following PRODUCTS > Inventory > Daily Deals. The grid contains all available deals and allows to filter offers by entering necessary values via the filter tool. If you have a lot of deals you can filter them by IDs, names, SKUs, original prices, special prices, product types and dates. You can also remove, add or drag'n'drop columns on the grid to match your workflow.


Magento Daily Deals in Backend


All necessary information about daily deals are collected in the list. The mass actions tool helps to remove multiple deals in bulk from the grid or you can edit or delete offers separately.

To create a new deal click the "Add New Deal" button. In the appeared popup find a product to add a special offer to. Please note you can apply the special price to individual simple, virtual and downloadable products. As soon you choose the item you need, click the "select" link.

Add a special price to a product in the form

Specify the following fields in the form:

Special Price – enter the amount in the required field.

Deal Start – specify the start date when the offer will be active using the calendar.

Deal End – specify the end date when the offer will expire using the calendar.

You can also track the product's name, SKU and original price. The special price goes into effect immediately according to the set start date.


Add a New Deal in Magento 2


To edit existing deals pick up an offer in the list and click the "Edit" link in the "Action" column. Then change necessary information and save the changes.

Please note products with catalog price rules won't be available on the grid in backend but visible for customers on Frontend.

How to create daily deals based on catalog price rules

All products with catalog price rules are converted into daily deals automatically. If you specify dates for a catalog price rule the countdown timer will be shown for products.

Let's create a new catalog price rule. Click the "Add New Rule" button and do the following:

1. Enter "Rule Name" and "Description" available for internal reference only.

2. Choose the "Websites" where the rule is to be available.

3. Set the "Active" status.

4. Select the customer groups to which the rule applies.

5. Enter the "From" and "To" dates to make the rule active.

6. Enter the "Priority" of the rule in relation to other rules.

Then define the conditions the rule will be based on, for example, we can offer 35% OFF on all bags in the store.

1. Click the "add" icon.

2. In the dropdown choose "Category" under "Product Attribute".

3. Click the "more" link and mark "Bags" in the appeared category tree upon which the condition is based.


Add a New Catalog Price Rule in Magento


Open the "Actions" tab and do the following:

1. Apply the entered amount as the percentage of original prices.

2. Enter "35" as the discount amount.

3. Set "Yes" in "Discard Subsequent Rules" to stop processing other rules after this rule is applied.

To apply the rule click button "Save and Apply".

Daily Deals on Frontend

As it was mentioned above the extension provides the daily deals block built in all category and search results pages, Homepage, product pages and shopping cart. You can manage all visibility settings following: STORES > Configuration > ITORIS EXTENSIONS > Daily Deals.

To catch customers' attention you can insert the daily deals block into the Homepage directly. To do that open the "Home Page" block for editing, insert widget "Daily Deals" into the text and save the settings. The deals will look as follow:


Magento Daily Deals on Frontend


You can also enable the "Daily Deals" block on the top of the left column of category pages. Deals will be displayed randomly for products with special prices and catalog price rules. Customers can also view all active deals in a separate page clicking link "View All Deals". All discounted items are stored in one place that provides users with the wide choice of products. You can also show deals on product pages below the product's tabs or in the shopping cart.


Magento Daily Deals on Catalog Pages


If a special price or catalog price rule is applied to a simple product being the part of the configurable one the special offer will be applied to it. For example, if "Maxima Drawstring Short-29-Yellow" has the special price with the specified dates the timer and discount will be available if customers choose the same attribute set.


Magento Daily Deals on Product Pages



The Daily Deals extension for Magento 2 improves the functionality of creating special offers and simplify its creation, enable the countdown timer and place daily deals everywhere on your website.