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Digital Signature for Magento User Guide


This document is a User Guide for Digital Signature plugin for SmartFormer Gold module, Magento. It describes how work with the plugin.

Digital Signature is a dependent plugin. It will work only together with SmartFormer Gold (Magento form builder), full version.

This plugin allows adding a special area to forms where customers can create their signature and submit it together with the form.

This way of signing with the computer mouse is considered to be legal in many countries, so you can greatly simplify and fasten the procedure of signing different agreements and contracts as everything can now be done online. Form will work as an agreement where customers populate their information and digital signature will substitute regular agreement signing.

System Requirements

No special system requirements are needed - Digital Signature is installable on any Magento version and will work with any browsers that SmartFormer Gold is compatible with.


Digital Signature plugin is installable via a special area of SmartFormer Gold extension - plugin system. First of all, you will need SmartFormer Gold to be installed (more information on SmartFormer Gold installation).

After the purchase of Digital Signature plugin you will receive an email with your credentials to // Login and go to My Products. There you will be able to download your Digital Signature plugin. Download it and save on your computer.

Open admin area of your website. Select System -> IToris Extensions -> SmartFormer Gold -> Plugin Manager. You will see a special plugin area

smart login

Press Browse button, find your saved plugin and press Upload. Digital Signature plugin will be installed.

smart login


Digital Signature plugin is provided under open-source commercial license. It has no any license keys, etc. - please feel free to install the plugin on as many Magento websites having SmartFormer Gold as you wish.



Once the plugin is installed there will appear a new settings area in SmartFormer Gold where the style and look of digital signatures can be managed.

Select System -> IToris Extensions -> SmartFormer Gold -> Form Manager. Then press Settings button on the top right.

questions and answers settings

Scroll down the settings page to see Digital Signature Settings:

  • Pen size - the thickness of the line your customers will see when they sign
  • Pen color - the color of the line your customers will see when they sign
  • Area color - the color of Digital Signature area on the form
  • There is one more setting - for advanced users only:

  • Edit HTML of Signature Field - here you can edit the source HTML of digital signature to manage its look. Please make sure you know what you do before you start editing here.

N.B. If you have accidentally broken HTML code here - remove all code from the area and save the changes - the default code will be restored.

questions and answers settings


How to Insert Digital Signature in Forms

To insert digital signature area into forms - create your form and open it for editing (select System -> IToris Extensions -> SmartFormer Gold -> Form Manager, find your form and click its name).

Drag a new DIV element to your form (to the place where digital signature should be displayed).

questions and answers settings

You will see its properties box. Add {digital_signature} to its Inner-HTML

questions and answers settings

Then drag File Upload element

questions and answers settings

In its properties add the following:

  • name=signature
  • display=none (on Styles tab, please see the screenshot below). Your File Upload will disappear after that, this is correct.

questions and answers settings

Now the elements that will form the signature are added. We will need to create a new DB table’s field for the signature (so that the signature image is kept).

Select Tools -> Database Designer from the form’s menu. There you will see the DB table of your form (created before, together with the form). Press Add Field button.

questions and answers settings


  • SFG Field = signature
  • DB Field Name = signature
  • Type = varchar
  • Len=255
  • and leave the rest unchanged

questions and answers settings

Press Commit button to apply the changes and close the area. Save the form and close it.

Open your form on preview to check how signature area is displayed. Perhaps you will need to move the area on the form to adjust it.


How to Insert Signature Image in Emails

If you need the text of your agreement together with the signature’s image to be available in the body of the email - there is a special way to insert it.

Create your email template (more details of how to create email templates in SmartFormer Gold). Select where the signature’s image should be displayed.

Add image element from the WYSIWYG menu:

questions and answers settings

In its properties enter {digital_signature_url}

questions and answers settings

Set the rest of the properties and save the template. Save the form.

In real email this image will be substituted with signature’s image. You can manage the size and place of the image in the WYSIWYG.


Front-end. What your Customers will See

Once signature has been added to a form - your customers will see it the following way:

questions and answers settings

There will be a signature area where customers will sign with their mouse’s movement. In case the signature needs corrections - they can click Clear button to clear the area. Once the signature is ready - they need to press Validate button, and the signature will be converted into image.

questions and answers settingsquestions and answers settings

The size and color of the line, as well as the color of the area depends on the settings you have selected.

Your customers will populate and submit the form together with the signature. The signature image will be saved with the submission.