Customer Balance & Rewards System (v1.1.0) for Magento


Customer Balance & Rewards module is a multi-functional Magento extension for your customers to be attracted to you stores and you to earn more. There are several ways you will benefit from it:

  • New purchases are stimulated

Customers purchase products and receive points for the orders that can be redeemed for future orders. As the points can expire (this depends on the settings you select), customers make new orders sooner.

  • Your store is visited more frequently

As points can be provided for “purchase-associated” activity - registration, visiting the website, reviews - customers visit your store more often that stimulates their interest and purchases as well.

  • Social activity

Points can be provided for referrals, there is ability to share balance with friends - this is a source of new leads for your store from your current customers.

Advanced settings are for you to create the balance/rewards system you are looking for - you can easily manage rewards’ rules and temporary promotions, set points-money conversions, set rewards for products in bulk or individually. WYSIWYG email templates are convenient to create.

Your customers will have a special area with their balance. Detailed history, ability to convert points into credits and vs, top up the balance, share credits with friends as well as earn points for purchases and website activity make the functionality attractive and stimulate purchases and activity on the store.

Customer Balance and Rewards System
Full version for Magento Community Edition
Pack includes:
  • Extension for Magento CE 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
  • License key for 1 Magento Website
  • 4 months of Updates/Support
  • Documentation
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See the Customer Balance & Rewards System DEMO



  • Ability to set reward points for purchasing products in bulk or individually for each product
  • Display product price and/or points for purchase
  • Price/points display set separately in catalog and on products’ pages
  • Ability to purchase products for reward points only

Reward rules and promotions:

  • Points  to be given for registration, voting in polls, reviews, tags, signing for newsletters and other website activity rules
  • Points to be rewarded for the first order, large order, any order rules
  • Points to be given for friends’ referrals rules
  • Points for temporary or permanent promotions with ability to choose from a variaty of conditions
  • Fixed or percentage reward rules (new)

Reward points:

  • Allow/disallow converting points into credits
  • Points expiration setting
  • Minimum points to be converted
  • Conversion rate setting
  • WYSIWYG email templates for rewards’ activity
  • Ability to set custom short and long visual name for reward points
  • Ability to limit usage of reward points on cart/checkout based on the order amount (new)


  • Allow/disallow purchasing credits (topping up balance)
  • Minimal credit amount to be purchased
  • Allow/disallow converting credits into points
  • Conversion rate setting
  • WYSIWYG email templates for credits’ activity
  • Ability to limit usage of balance credits on cart/checkout based on the order amount (new)

Customer balance:

  • Customer balance to be displayed in the customers’ dashboard
  • Customer balance to be shown on the side block

Gifting system:

  • Allow/disallow customers to gift credits for other customers
  • Minimum credits to be gifted

Reward Rules supported:

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Made First Order
  • Customer Made Any Other Order
  • Customer Made a Large Order
  • Poll Voted
  • Product sent to a friend and purchased
  • Sign up for a Newsletter
  • Product Tagged
  • Product Reviewed
  • Customer Birthday occurred
  • Referred Customer Registered
  • Referred Customer Made First Order
  • Referred Customer Made Any Other Order


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