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How to Update Product Attributes in Bulk in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-07-07   

How to Update Product Attributes in Bulk in Magento 2

Adding and keeping product attributes up to date per each item can be time consuming. Imagine your collection should be sold out and all the prices must be decreased in a short period of time. Or you need to modify the attribute set without editing each product. How to perform a fast product attributes mass update?

The Product Mass Actions extension for Magento 2 allows to bulk update product attributes as well as apply attribute sets in a few clicks. No more manual update is needed to keep product attributes up to date. The extension allows to add or replace product attribute sets, update such properties as quantities, stock status and attributes as price, cost, description and more.

How to Update Attribute Set in Bulk

Imagine your new watch collection has already arrived, but you need to create an item and add attributes. It may not be an easy way to add all attributes manually even for dozens of products. Now you can use the advanced mass action tool and apply the certain attribute set chosen in a separate popup to multiple products in bulk. The existing attribute set will be added to particular products simplifying the editing process. Your customers will see new arrivals faster than your competitors can offer.

Let's update an attribute set following:

1. Select the products to apply the attribute set to.

2. In the mass actions tool choose "Change Attribute Set".

3. In the appeared popup select the necessary attribute set, for example "Bag".

4. Click button "OK".

The attribute set will be updated immediately.


How to Update Attribute Set in Magento 2


How to Update Properties and Product Attributes in Bulk

Do you need to update quantities or apply the special price based on the original price to multiple products? The mass actions tool allows to update certain attributes via the popup and provides such fields as Multiple List Box, Dropdown, Text Area and Input Box depending on the attribute type.

Updating the stock statuses for hundreds of products will allow not to spend much time on permanent product editing. Let's update stock statuses for our selected products following:

1. Select the necessary products and choose "Mass Attributes" in the mass actions.

2. Select "Stock Status" in "Properties".

3. If the products are out of stock, select "In Stock" in the dropdown to make products available for a purchase in the store.

4. Then click "OK".

How to Update Stock Status in Magento 2


Do you need to bulk edit price for dozens or hundreds of products and add additional 10% to the current pricing? How to update prices or edit them based on cost automatically?

Let's increase product prices by 20% based on cost:

1. Select the necessary products on the grid.

2. In the mass actions dropdown choose "Mass Attributes".

3. In the appeared popup find "Price".

4. Fill in the following fields:

a. Enter the value "20" and choose "Percent" in dropdown.

b. Choose the method of update "Add" to increase the prices.

c. Then select "Cost" in the dropdown that will be the attribute the update will be based on.

d. The extension shows the final calculation below: {{price}} = {{cost}} + 20%. The price will be increased by 20% depending on product cost.

e. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

You can update cost using the same method described above. Just choose "Price" that will be the attribute the update will be based on.

How to Update Price based on Cost in Magento 2