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How to Group Products into Promosets in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-03-15   

How to Group Products into Promosets in Magento 2

Offering customers products within fixed packages will allow you to sell more products at once and attract more customers by suggesting discounts and free products. Grouped promotions are the product sets which you group from different types of products including configurable, bundle and simple products with or without custom options. Let's say you need to sell out of season products in a short period of time. Group such products into fixed packages and create discounts for the whole promotions or per product.

The Grouped Promotions extension for Magento 2 creates special product offers within fixed sets. Various discount calculation methods will help to vary your offers and create the best deals different from your competitors. You can offer to buy three items at full prices at once and get one of the products for free. Or make the whole set available at 50% lower. You can specify separate discounts per product, set the fixed price for the whole promotion or apply fixed or percentage discounts to the whole set.

Do you want to stimulate not logged in users to login or register and offer product sets at better prices for logged in users? The extension specifies customer groups the promotions will be visible to. You can also insert the promotion blocks into product pages, shopping cart, CMS pages and static blocks. The extension allows to create a number of promosets per product and define their priorities on Frontend. You can also specify the time range and manage promotions per store view.

Let's create grouped promotions and apply different discount methods.

How to Create Grouped Promotions

All promotions are stored and controlled on the separate grid following PRODUCTS > Inventory > Grouped Promotions. The grid allows you to search for necessary promotions, apply the mass actions tool and add promotions.

Are you running multiple store views and want your promotions to be translated into French and German? Just switch to the necessary store view above the grid and edit or create a new promotion.


How to Create Grouped Promotions in Magento 2


To create a promoset click the "Add New Promotion" button and configure the following settings:

  1. Enter a title for the promoset.
  2. Specify the priority of your promoset. If many promotions are applied to one product, the entered value will define the promotion's order on Frontend.
  3. Make the promotion visible on Frontend by choosing "Enabled" in "Status".
  4. Select a customer group your promotion will be available for.
  5. Enable option "Show on Cart Page" to display the promoset in the cart.
  6. Set the time range if you want the promotion be shown within a limited period of time.
  7. Specify "Price Calculation Method" to apply one of the discount methods to the promoset.
  8. Click button "Add New Products" and choose necessary products in the appeared popup. The extension supports downloadable, virtual, configurable, bundle or simple products with custom options.

Let's go though each price calculation method.

Method 1: Buy X products and Get Y Product Free

The first method is called "Manual Discounts for Associated Products" and allows to set percentage or fixed discounts for each product separately in the promoset. Using the current method you can offer customers one product free in the set or specify individual percentage or fixed discounts for products.

After the products are added to the promoset the following table will appear:


Choose a Price Calculation Method in Backend


You can see the full information about the product (its ID, picture, name, SKU, the original price) directly on the grid. To enable the current method, do the following:

  1. Specify the quantity in the "QTY" column. The initial price with the applied discount will be multiplied by the entered value.
  2. Enter your discount. The method allows to enter the discount per each product manually.
  3. Define its type: percentage or fixed.
  4. Choose "Yes" in "Show for Product" to display the promotion block on product pages.
  5. Save the changes.

The detailed calculation will help users analyze how much they can save by comparing the initial and final prices for the whole set on Frontend. The final discount will also be available.

The extension allows to change the product's order in the promotion settings. Thus you can easily change its position on the grid if needed.


The Promoset with the Entered Discounts in Magento 2


You can configure products directly in the promotion block. After the products are configured click the "Add to Cart" button. As we enabled the promoset to be shown in the cart the block will be displayed below the cart. Please refer to Chapter "Promotions in the Shopping Cart" below for more information.

Method 2: Get X% OFF for All Products

The second method is called "Discount for the Entire Promoset" and applies the discount to the whole promotion without specifying it per product in the set. The current method allows to choose a percentage or fixed discount, for example to offer customer 50% OFF for all products in the set. Let's create a promotion based on the current method.

  1. Filled in all necessary fields before the "Price Calculation Method" dropdown.
  2. Choose "Discount for the Entire Promoset" in dropdown.
  3. Add necessary products to the promoset.
  4. Enter the quantities if necessary.
  5. Choose "Yes" in the "Show for Product" dropdown.
  6. Enter the value in the input box next to the method and choose the "Percent" discount in dropdown.
  7. Save all changes.


How to Create a Discount for the Whole Promoset in Magento 2


This is how the configured promotion looks on the Frontend:

Create the Discount for the Whole Promoset in Magento 2


Method 3: Pay Only X$ for the Whole Package

The final method is "Fixed Price for the Entire Promoset" allowing to define a fixed price for the whole set. The final price will be calculated on frontend automatically without including paid custom options and quantities.

  1. Choose the "Fixed Price for the Entire Promoset" method in the promotions' settings.
  2. Add products to the promoset.
  3. Enter the quantity if necessary.
  4. Choose "Yes" in "Show for Product".
  5. Enter the value in the input box next to the method specifying its fixed final price.


How to Create a Promoset with Fixed Final Prices in Magento 2


This is how the promoset looks on Frontend:

The Promoset with the Fixed Final Price on Frontend in Magento 2


How to insert Promosets into Homepage

After the promoset is configured and saved a specific code line will be available for each promoset below the table with products. Using the code you can insert the promotion block into CMS pages and static blocks. The line looks as follows:

{{block class="Itoris\GroupedPromotions\Block\Promotions" rule_id="1"}}

Insert the line into the "Home Page" static block to enable the promoset there. This is how the promotion block will look on the Homepage:


Grouped Promotions on Frontend

Promosets in the Shopping Cart

After the promoset is added to the cart you can see the detailed information about the products, prices, discounts and quantities. Your customers can also change the quantity of the whole promoset in the cart.


Grouped Promotions in the Shopping Cart in Magento 2


If you enable option "Show on Cart Page" in the settings other promotion blocks will be visible. If several promotions are activated for one product the extension displays the most profitable offers for customers. You can enable or disable the promotions on cart for the whole store as well.