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How to edit product attributes directly on the product grid in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2016-10-20   


Time is money! The world provides so many opportunities for us, so we have to hurry up to check them all. Updating a lot of products in Magento is time-consuming, isn't it? You have to perform too many additional actions, for instance, find products, open each individually, then choose value to be added and finally save changes. The ITORIS team will help to save your time. We've developed Advanced Product Grid for Magento 2.

The extension allows to edit product attributes directly in the product list. Also you can edit images and videos without any redirects. You will have the feeling that you are editing in MS Excel without unnecessary actions. You can edit multiple attributes all together. Moreover, hot keys make editing easier. You can find additional information about Advanced Product Grid in our User Guide.

Before going to the products' list let's check out the main settings. Enable the extension following STORES -> Settings -> Configuration -> ITORIS EXTENSIONS -> Advanced Product Grid -> Extension Enabled. Click "Yes" in dropdown.

Now let's go to the products' list. Advanced Product Grid allows to edit information on the grid. It's very convenient as you can edit product attributes faster without any redirects and unnecessary actions. Go to Products -> Inventory -> Catalog. Then click "Columns" to add an attribute to the grid. Let's choose the "Active" attribute. Now you can change the information choosing the necessary cell.




Also there are several types of attributes. Firstly, the extension allows to edit multiple attributes together. For instance, let's change one attribute called "Active". To select multiple attributes, hold down the "Ctrl" key and choose necessary ones.




Secondly, you can edit information using input box. Let's change a product's name. Choose the product. After the input box attribute appears, you will able to edit the name.




Also use the input box attribute to change prices, date, SKU, quantity, etc.




You can also use dropdown to choose only one attribute. And finally text area allows to edit information like description or layout updates. After editing press the "Enter" key and you will be directed to the next product. It's very useful especially when you need to alter a lot of products.

The Advanced Product Grid extension allows to edit images and videos without redirects. For instance, let's choose the "Clamber Watch" product. Click on the image. After the popup appears you are able to edit images and videos as you need. Then click "Save" to save the changes.




You can reorder columns the way need. Click a column’s title and drag it to a new place.

The extension allows to change products' information directly in the list without redirects. Such tool will help you to save your time while updating each product. You can also edit videos and images in the popup without redirects. Advanced Product Grid is developed to edit product attribute faster with minimum clicks.

You can also check out the Video Tutorial About the Advanced Product Grid in Magento 2.