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How to add custom options to a grouped product in Magento 2

Magento 2 Extensions
Written by ITORIS Team, 2016-10-11   


You will probably agree that sometimes we need to keep to ourselves a person who could help to choose necessary products at one bout. We offer the extension which allows to create grouped products where associated products have custom options. The extension is called Grouped Product Options for Magento 2.

By defaults Magento won't provide ability to create grouped products with custom options. It allows only simple products without any custom options be added to a grouped product. The extension offers to group simple and virtual products with options, configurable and bundle products. Now on the Frontend your customers can change products' size or color, or other options. They will be able to configure options before adding to the shopping cart. For more information about the Grouped Product Options extension you can refer to the User Guide.

Now let's create custom options, for instance, for a water bottle. The extension allows to display options on the Frontend. To add custom options go to PRODUCTS -> Inventory -> Catalog. Then using "Filters" find the "Affirm Water Bottle" product. Click link "edit" and find "Customizable Options". Click button "Add Options".

"Option Title" and "Option Type" can be required or not. In our case checkbox "Required" is unchecked. Thus these fields are optional. Enter an option's name in "Option Title", for instance "Size". Then in "Option Type" choose a field type. Let's set "Drop-down". Then click button "Add Value". You can enter titles and prices. Choose "Fixed" in "Price Type". Thus the additional charge would be fixed from the default price.

You can also import options clicking link "Import options". After choosing the link, the popup appears and you can select needed options. Then click button "Import".




Now let's create a new grouped product named "OUTFIT" following: PRODUCTS -> Inventory -> Catalog -> Add Product (Grouped Product). You can also open an existing grouped product in the list of products. Scroll the page down to section "Grouped Products". Click button "Add Products to Group". After the popup appears, select associated products to be added to the grouped product.

The extension allows to pick up not only simple, but also virtual, configurable, and bundle products.

Choose products you wish to add and click "Add Selected Products". You can remove the products clicking link "Remove". To reorder products simply drag-and-drop them in the list.




After you add the products, you can define the default quantity. You can see that the configurable product "Frankie Sweatshirt" was added. Let's see how the products will be displayed on the Frontend.




You can configure options for the product. Also using the extension you can convert the grouped product into a check-list.

The additional settings are available following: PRODUCTS -> Inventory -> Catalog -> {grouped product} -> Grouped Product Options.



You can see three main settings. Click dropdown "Show QTY for Associated Products as". By defaults "Input Box" is selected. Your customers can enter the quantity of associated products themselves. Let's choose "Check Box" to convert associated products into a checklist by replacing the "Qty" field with a checkbox.

In dropdown "Show Images for sub-products" choose "Yes" to show all images.

Choose "Make sub-products clickable" and select "Yes".

On the Frontend you can see the checklist and simple product "Affirm Water Bottle" with options.




The Grouped Product Options extension allows to enable custom options on the grouped products. Now options are displayed on the Frontend. If you group configurable products, you can enable color or configurable swatches.

Also a grouped product can be converted into a checklist. By default a customer enters the quantity of associated products before adding them to cart. It is possible to replace the "Qty" fields with checkboxes and simplify the selection. It's a good solution when you have lots of associated products.

Our Video Tutorial About the Grouped Product Options Extension for Magento 2