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ITORIS Partner Program Terms & Conditions

Partner program

Partner program provides ability for partners to re-sell Magento modules developed by ITORIS as well as services associated with them (professional installation and support).

ITORIS reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without notice at any time.


To start participating in Partner programs Customer must agree to these Terms and Conditions. To do this Customer logs in and goes to Partnership area where signs Terms and Conditions. This starts Partnership relations with ITORIS.

After that Partners download a special module that establishes connection with Partner API and install it on all the websites where they plan to re-sell ITORIS's modules and services.

Following the instructions in the manual Partners set the connection of the module with Partner API.

In Partner Portal on Partners top up the balance that will be used for purchasing ITORIS' modules and services.

Partners add ITORIS's modules and services on their websites as Magento products and start re-selling them.

When Partners' customer makes an order - all payments are applied on Partner side in accordance with the settings that Partner has. At the same time, payment is taken from Partner's Balance at ITORIS.

Partners define the prices for the modules and services for their customers themselves. Prices at which ITORIS provides the modules and services for Partner are based on the discount that Partner currently has (regular price at ITORIS minus Partner's discount).

Partner Discounts

Initial minimal discount that Partner gets when partnership begins is 30%. Partner will get all Magento modules developed by ITORIS as well as services associated with them (installation and support) at this discounted price.

Partners can achieve higher discounts if the amount of the modules and services that they re-sell is significant.

Further discounts are calculated based on the revenue from the re-selling of ITORIS's modules and services for the previous 31 day. Depending on the amount deducted from Partner's Balance for the previous 31 day (discounted price) a new discount is calculated and applied immediately.


Balance is the amount Partners put on their ITORIS account and then top up. When Partners' customers purchase the modules and/or services, ITORIS charges Partners from their Balance.

Minimal amount to top up Balance is $500 (USD).

Payments put on Balance are non-refundable.

Refunds and Fees

All refunds for Partners' customers are handled by Partners.

In case Partners' customers request a refund for the products - Partner should refund the Magento order first (i.e. return the payment to the customer) and then cancel the order in Partner Portal. There is ability to make a full or partial refund on Partner Portal.

When an order is cancelled - ITORIS returns the payment to Partner's Balance.

A refund fee of $10 (USD) will apply to any partial or full refund. The fee will be taken from Partners' Balance.