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Product Tabs UserGuide


This document is a User Guide for Product Tabs Slider extension for Magento. It describes how work with the extension.

Product Tabs Slider takes blocks from your layout on product pages and organizes all information into a tabular interface.

There are “standard” tabs that are taken from the layout of your product page and shared by all products. Administrator can change the order of the tabs.
There are also “custom” tabs, each product can have its own set of custom tabs. Custom tabs can have manually added information (WYSIWYG) as well as display widgets available on your Magento store.

There is ability to select style and colors for tabs, to make tabs change on click or on hover.

There is ability to deactivate standard tabs for a selected product, as well as to have different set of tabs for the same product available in different stores (Product A can have one set of tabs in English store and another set in French store for example).

Administrator can add custom names to tabs that also can differ for stores and products.

All information available in tabs is indexed correctly by search engines. So whether the products description goes in a long page and your customers scroll down and down to read it – or it goes in an accurate and modern tabs structure, it will be indexed by Google the same way. But tabs structure is much more attractive and convenient for your customers.



All our Magento extensions and templates are installed via IToris Installer.

Download IToris Installer from here // and un-pack to the root of your website. It will then appear in menu System –>IToris extensions –> IToris Installer.

Open it and you will see all our Magento Extensions and Templates, both installed and available. You can install, update and un-install them with one click now.

Find Product Tabs Slider in the list of extensions and press Install button. It will ask for the license key that you will receive after the purchase. Enter the key and submit. The extension will be installed. It sill be available in menu System –>IToris extensions –> Product Tabs Slider.


Install Product Tabs Slider and open it in admin area (System –>IToris extensions –> Product Tabs Slider). You will see Settings area:


You can set:

  • Enabled – by defaults the extension is enabled and it forms tabs on your product pages. You can disable it when you add changes.
  • Switch tabs on – select the way the tabs are changed for customers – on hover or on click.
  • Color theme – select the style and color of the tabs.
  • Slide effects on tabs switching - select if tabs’s content should be changed with sliding when tabs are switched or not

The schemes available are:



Standard Products’ Tabs

Standard tabs are the product description blocks either already available in Magento or created in products’ layout.

A number of default product blocks may vary depending on Magento version; usually the following blocks are available:

  • Details
  • Additional Information
  • You may also be interested in the following products
  • Product tags
  • Add your tags

So you can create up to 5 standard tabs using default Magento layout.

Standard tabs are shared between all products. They will be available on the products’ pages in admin area by default, though you can switch some of them off for selected products.


Standard Tabs with Default Magento Aliases

To add standard tabs to your product pages select System –>IToris extensions –> Product Tabs Slider

Standard tabs are created below the settings.

list of alerts

To add a new standard tab press Add New button. You will get a modal window.

Alias - these are aliases that are declared in your layout on product pages. These aliases form product blocks that will be converted to tabs. Each block has its own alias. Standard aliases are available in the list for you to select:

list of alerts

Or you can enter an alias manually (see chapter Standard Tabs with Your Own Aliases )

Title - what your customers will see as a tab’s name.


Standard Tabs with Your Own Aliases

If you have created your own product blocks - you can make them tabs as well. To do it the blocks need to be declared in the layout and have aliases.

How to declare blocks:

  1. Open the file catalog.xml which is used in your current theme
  2. Find the following:
    <layout version="0.1.0">
    <catalog_product_view translate="label">
    <reference name="content">
    <block type="catalog/product_view" name="" template="catalog/product/view.phtml" />
  3. Insert there:
    <block type="catalog/product_view_additional" name="" as="product_additional_data" />

    Where catalog/product_view_additional is a type of the block; product_additional_data is the alias of this block (please remember this value).
  4. Save the file
  5. Open file catalog/product/view.pthml, which is used in the current theme
  6. Find there

    and insert in the tag the following:
    <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('product_additional_data') ?>

    Where product_additional_data is the alias which you remembered
  7. Save the file

After the blocks have been declared - create a new tab and add block’s alias manually

list of alerts

Save the tab.


Custom Products' Tabs

Apart from standard tabs there are custom ones. Custom tabs can contain texts, images, links, videos as well as Magento widgets.

Custom tabs, as well as standard ones are created for all products together. There is also ability to set an individual set of tabs for each product separately.


Create Custom Tabs

To create a custom tab select System –>IToris extensions –> Product Tabs Slider and press Add Custom button.

list of alerts

There will appear a modal window to create a new custom tab. The area will have Title as well as Text - a WYSIWYG editor for the tab’s content.

list of alerts

Create the content of the tab in the editor and save the tab. It will appear in the list of tabs.



To add widgets to custom tabs open the tab’s editor. Find Insert Widget icon, then add a Magento widget in a standard way


Enter the tab’s title and save it.

For example, you can create a tab with a form using SmartFormer Gold. Forms can be inserted as widgets.



You can insert products’ attributes as variables in the custom tabs.

Enter variables in a standard Magento way {{attribute_code}} directly in the editor and save. In the tab the variable will be substituted with real product data.


How to Use - Manage Tabs

To manage tabs select System –>IToris extensions –> Product Tabs Slider. There you will have the list with tabs.


Standard tabs will have Primary checkbox as well as aliases. Custom tabs will have no these settings.


Primary checkbox - by default the tabular interface will be displayed on the place of description block on product pages. Yet if you want to change the place of tabs’ - use Primary checkbox.

Check one of standard tabs (product blocks) as primary - tabular interface will be displayed on the place of this selected block. If no product blocks are checked as primary - tabs will go on the place of description block. If there is no such a block in the layout - on the place of the first product block associated with a tab.


Tabs will go in the order they will be displayed on product pages. To change the order use arrows (up and down) in Order column.

Only enabled tabs will be displayed. You can enable/disable tabs directly in the list in Enabled column.

Actions column provides buttons for editing or deleting tabs.


Individual Set of Tabs for Products

Each product will have the tabs in its settings. Open a product for editing and select Tabs from the left menu.

list of alerts

No tabs will be displayed as global tabs’ settings are used by default for all products.

list of alerts

If you want to disable tabs for this product - uncheck Enable Tabs for the Product checkbox.

To edit tabs for this product uncheck Use Global checkbox. You will get the default list of tabs available for editing. All changes will be applied to this product only.

list of alerts

There is no ability to delete these tabs, yet you can disable them for the product.

To create a new tab for this product only press Add New button and create a new custom tabs in the appeared area.


Different Tabs for Different Stores/Storeviews

There is ability to create a separate set of tabs for each store/storeview. To do it select a store in Choose Store View drop-down.

list of alerts

There will be Use Default checkbox checked by default. Uncheck it to start editing tabs for this selected store. The list of tabs will appear, you can change it the way you need and save for this store.

You can also make each tab visible for stores/storeviews individually. To do it create a tab or open it for editing. There will be a setting Store Views. Select the stores/storeviews the tab should be visible in and save the changes:

list of alerts

There is also ability to make a tab visible for selected stores/storeviews for some products only. To do it select the product for editing and press Tabs in its left menu. Uncheck Use Global checkbox to manage tabs of this product.

Select a tab for editing there; you will see the same setting. Select the stores/storeviews you want the tab to be visible on and save the changes:

list of alerts


Different Tabs for Customer Groups

You can set tabs to be displayed or not depending on the group the customer belongs to. For example, you can create a special tab visible for the wholesale customers only.

This feature can be applied to a global tab, so that it is available for all products. Or you can apply it to the tab(s) of selected products only.

To apply visibility depending on groups to a global tab create it or open for editing. You will see a special setting User Groups. Select the group(s) the tab should be visible to:

list of alerts

Press Save button to apply the changes and save the settings. They will be applied to all products having this tab.

If you want a tab to be visible to a group for selected product(s) only - open the product for editing and select Tabs from its left menu. Uncheck Use Global checkbox to manage the tabs for this product individually and open the tab for editing. You will see the same setting there:

list of alerts

Select the group(s) and save the changes.


Tabs’ Display Depending on Product’s Purchase

If you for example want to make user manuals downloadable, but only after the purchase - you can create the tabs that will be available only for the customers who have purchased the product. Or vs - make some pre-sale information available, and do not display it if the customer has purchased this product already.

To do it create a tab or open it for editing.

list of alerts

There will be a special setting there - Show only if product is purchased. The following options are available:

  • Always - the tab will be displayed independently on product’s purchase
  • Show when purchased - the tab will be displayed only for the customers who have purchased the product
  • Show if not purchased - the tab will be displayed only for the customers who have not purchased the product.

Save the changes.


Anchors for Tabs

Each tab on products’ pages will have its own anchor - so that you can copy the URL with a selected tab. Anchor will be formed from the tabs’ titles.

For example, if your product’s URL is, tab Specification will have URL.


Priority of Tabs Display

The priority to define which tabs sets should be displayed (lower to higher) is the following:

  • Standard tabs
  • Custom tabs on product’s page
  • Custom tabs on product’s page for the selected store

I.e. by defaults each product will have the same standard set of tabs.

If you change tabs for a product – this very product will have a custom set of tabs on all stores, while the rest of products will have standard set.

If you change the tabs for a product in a particular store (e.g. French) – French store’s product will have its own set of tabs.