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Store Login Access Control UserGuide


This document is a User Guide for Store Login Access Control extension for Magento. It describes how work with the extension.

Store Login Access Control manages access to all Magento stores available. It has 3 main areas of settings (that may vary from store to store)

  • Registration - it can be allowed or disallowed on stores.
    Use-case: you want your retail customers to register in a regular way, while for wholesale customers you will create new accounts manually from the back-end. In this case you can disable registration on wholesale store.
  • Viewing stores for logged in customers - you can disallow viewing a store until the customers are logged in. When they try to open the store - they will see login form only.
    Use-case: If you have a wholesale store and do not want regular customers to see wholesale prices, you can block access to this store for not logged-in customers.

In addition to this Store Login is perfectly combined with other our modules thus creating advanced access functionality:

Pending Registration - this module prevents customers from logging in immediately after accounts’ creation. Instead, it sets pending status to all new accounts, and administrators manually check and confirm accounts form the back-end. Only confirmed accounts allow loggin in.

Use-case: you have a retail and a wholesale store. Your retail customers register in a regular way and have access to the retail store only. Your wholesale customers register, their accounts are pending. You validate wholesale accounts manually, and only after the validation the wholesalers are able to login and view wholesale store.

Registration Fields Manager - this module is for creating any custom registration form you need. In addition to custom fields you can pull address, DOB, VAT, allow them selecting a group, etc. on registration form (and an appropriate area in customers’ accounts will be populated). Custom fields are displayed in admin area together with the regular ones as well as in customers’ profiles.

Use-case: You can create an expanded registration form for your wholesalers to collect all information you need, while your retailers will have a different registration (standard or custom as well). After the registration (pending for wholesalers if you wish) your wholesale customers have access to all stores, while retail customers van view retail store(s) only. The customers will have different account details as well.

Smart Login/Registration - this module allows displaying login/registration forms in good-looking modal windows (DIV). Customers can login or even register while staying on the same page - there will be no redirects and they can continue from where they have been before login/registration.

System Requirements

The extension works under Magento from 1.4.x and higher.

The extension works with Apache 1.3.x and higher, PHP 5, Linux or IIS.

The extension’s correct work is guaranteed with the following browsers:

  • IE7, IE8, IE9
  • FireFox 4.x, 5.x
  • Google Chrome 15.x
  • Safari 5.x

The correct work with other Magento versions, other browsers and Apache/PHP versions is not guaranteed.


All our Magento extensions and templates are installed via IToris Installer .

Download IToris Installer and un-pack to the root of your website. It will then appear in menu System –>IToris extensions –> IToris Installer.

Open it and you will see all our Magento Extensions and Templates, both installed and available. You can install, update and un-install them with one click now.

Find Store Login Access Control in the list of extensions and press Install button. It will ask for the license key that you will receive after the purchase. Enter the key and submit. The extension will be installed. It will be available in menu System –>IToris extensions –> Store Login Control.



Install Store Login Control extension and open it in admin area (System –>IToris extensions –> Store Login Control). You will see Settings area:


Enabling the module

To activate the extension on your website select ‘Enabled’ = Yes.


Customers Should Login to Access Front-end

If you want to hide your entire store from not logged in customers - select System –>IToris extensions –> Store Login Control.

There will be checkboxes User must login to access Frontend for all stores you have:


Check the stores that should not be availbale for not logged in customers and save the settings. As a result when your customers try to open any page of the store - they will see login form.

There they can enter the credentials and gain access to the store, or create a new account (if allowed). There is also ability to restore the forgotten password or switch to another available store:


If credentials are valid, customers login and continue working on the store in a regular way.


Allow/Disallow Registration

By default all stores will have allowed registration (creation of new customer accounts). Yet you can manage this in Store Login Control as well.

Uncheck Allow Registration checkboxes for the stores where you do not want customers to create new accounts in a regular way. These stores then will have no registration form.


If a store requires login and at the same time does not allow registration - there will be no Create an Account link in the login form:


If registration is not permitted yet not logged in customers can access the store - efforts to open registration page will return the error:


Custom Registration Form

If you want some of your stores or all of them to have custom registration form(s) - you can create the form(s) using another module - Registration Fields Manager

The modules will work together, so you can create a custom registration form and manage it the same way as a standard Magento registration. There is a special setting Custom Registration Form. Check the checkboxes of the stores that will have a custom form:


Custom form will behave the way you select in the settings - if can be available on some stores only.


Store Login Redirect

Store Login Control allows setting an URL customers should be redirected to when they login. This feature will work with Store Login’s login form as well as with standard Magento login.

To set the redirect use Store Login Redirects setting. Each store will have a number of available options:

  • Magento Default
  • Customer Dashboard of Current Store
  • Customer Dashboard of Native Store
  • Homepage of Current Store
  • Homepage of Native Store
  • Custom URL

If Custom URL is selected - there appears an additional field to enter the URL:


Set the redirects and save the settings. All logins will redirect your customers to the selected area then. Or leave Magento Default so that the default Magento registration is applied.


Access Settings between Stores

There is ability to set on which stores customers can login depending on which store they have created accounts.

Default Access For New Customers manages this. You can select that the customers who have created accounts on wholesale store can as well login on retail stores. Yet the customers who have created accounts on retail stores cannot login on wholesale store.


Now retail customers can login on both retail stores (independently on which they have registered). While wholesale customers can login to wholesale store as well as both retail stores.

Efforts to either login or switch to a restricted store for logged in customers will return errors.


Customers Access Management

Please note: The user accounts created before the extension has been installed have access to all stores by default.

Customers’ Store Access

There is also ability to allow or restrict access for user individually. Once the extension has been installed there is a new sub-menu under Customers menu - “Customer Store Access”.

There is also ability to allow or restrict access for user individually. Once the extension has been installed there is a new sub-menu under Customers menu - “Customer Store Access”.



In this new area there is a list of customers with their stores’ access. Administrator can check/uncheck the access for a customer and apply the changes.


There is also ability to sort the list using the filters above the columns (sort by users who are allowed to access English store, etc.)


Customers’ Profiles

Apart from a separate store access list there is ability to manage the access directly in customers’ profiles. There is a new tab on the left “Store Login Access Settings”.



Here administrator is able to set login permissions for each customer individually as well.



Pending Registration

By combining 2 extensions - Store Login Access Control and Pending Registration you can create advanced and registration and login access control system.

Pending registration extension disallows the immediate login of the customers directly after the registration. All new accounts get a pending status and are validated manually in admin area. Administrator decides whether to allow or decline new account. And only allowed accounts provide ability to login.

Store Login Access Control manages login permissions thus making the solution even more flexible and powerful.

If you need several types of customers who should login only to some stores, if there should be a manual validation of the new account - combination of the extensions will fulfill the task.



Custom Registration Forms

You can combine Store Login Access Control with Registration Fields Manager that allows creating custom registration forms of any type.

So you can create a custom registration form for wholesalers for example, to collect more information you need.



AJAX Login

Store Login Access Control is also compatible with Smart Login module that displays login and registration forms in modal windows. Your customers can login or even register and stay on the page where they have been before, no redirects will be made.