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Homepage Product Slider for Magento User Guide


This document is a User Guide for Homepage Product Slider module for Magento. It describes how work with the extension.

This module creates a list of products organized in a slider, with ability to scroll them back and forth. Products can be selected randomly, by a selected characteristics (new, bestsellers, most often added to wishlists and so on). Products on sale can be selected as well as products from a selected category or several categories.

This list can be embedded on the Homepage or anywhere else on your website as a widget.

System Requirements

The extension works under Magento from 1.4.x and higher.

The extension works with Apache 1.3.x and higher, PHP 5, Linux or IIS.

The extension’s correct work is guaranteed with the following browsers:

  • IE7, IE8, IE9
  • FireFox 4.x, 5.x
  • Google Chrome 15.x
  • Safari 5.x

The correct work with other Magento versions, other browsers and Apache/PHP versions is not guaranteed.


All our Magento extensions and templates are installed via IToris Installer.

Download IToris Installer and un-pack to the root of your website. It will then appear in menu System –>IToris extensions –> IToris Installer.

Open it and you will see all our Magento Extensions and Templates, both installed and available. You can install, update and un-install them with one click now.

Find Homepage Product Slider in the list of extensions and press Install button. It will ask for the license key that you will receive after the purchase. Enter the key and submit. The extension will be installed. It will be available in menu System –>IToris extensions –> Homepage Product Slider

magento we miss you alerts, installation


Magento modules developed by IToris are provided with 2 license types - regular and premium.

Regulal license is partially encrypted. This license is website-dependent. By ‘website’ here we understand the website in Magento terms. Under one Magento installation one license key of the extension can activate all stores/storeviews. within one website. If your configuration has several Magento websites - a separate license will be required for each.

One license also supports a number of sub-domains for development/testing purposes in addition to the live website. Please see the full list of available sub-domains and additional information about the license in our Terms and Conditions

Premium license activates one Magento installation. All websites, stores and storeviews under one installation are covered with one license. Premium license is 100% open-source and is recommended for customizations.

You can switch the license from one domain to another – login to IToris website using the credentials you will receive after the purchase. Go to My Downloads area, find your key there and reset it from the current website. Then use it again to activate another website.

The license also includes free life-time updates for the extension.

General Settings

To enable the module after the installation select System –>IToris extensions –> Homepage Product Slider

list of alerts

Select Extension Enabled =yes.

You can activate the module on some selected stores/storeviews on the left in Current Configuration Scope.

The rest of the settings are available directly in widgets, so that you can create several sliders with different characteristics.


Products sliders are inserted as Magento Widgets. Insert a new Widget in a standard Magento way and select IToris CMS Product Slider

list of alerts

New settings will appear below:

list of alerts

Collection Rule - how the products to be displayed in the slider should be chosen. The following options are available:

list of alerts

  • Top Rated
  • Top Sellers
  • Just Added
  • Most Reviewed
  • Wishlist Top (products that are added to wishlists most often)
  • On Sale
  • Random
  • Selected Categories

If Selected Categories option is chosen - there is a list of categories available below. A category or several categories can be checked. If a parent category is checked, then all child categories’ will be included as well.

list of alerts

Order by - in which order the products should be displayed in the slider. Several options are available:

list of alerts

  • Randomly
  • Alphabetically (by product’s title)
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • Most Reviewed First
  • Top Rated First
  • Top Sellers First
  • Most Discounted First
  • Newest First

Maximum # of Products - how many products to be displayed in the slider totally. If not all products are visible at once - there will be scrolling arrows.

Display Out of Stock Items - if the checkbox is checked, out-of-stock products will be displayed as well.

Allow Sliding - when this checkbox is checked, the products will be displayed in one line with scrolling arrows. If not - the product will go in a grip in several lines.


After the widget is inserted the slider with the selected product is available on the front-end. The final look will depend on the selected settings, for example:

list of alerts

Integration with Homepage Tabs Module

Homepage Product Slider is easily integrated with another our module, Homepage Tabs.

As a result, you will get several tabular sliders of products/content that you can add on the Homepage or any other area:

list of alerts