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Dedicated Joomla development team
If you do not know the scope of work to be developed, or the functionality requires сontinuous modification then you can hire our professional development team on monthly basis. The package includes 100% of a programmer's time, 20% of the team coordinator's time and 20% of a quality assurance's time. Contact us.
(starting at $4480 per month)
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Module2URL plugin (v1.1)

Module 2URL

Module2URL is a Joomla plug-in for inserting modules to Joomla artilces or any other pages that are not available from menu.Perhaps you have run into a problem that modules cannot be associated with articles until the article is bound to a menu directly. If some of your articles are available via links only – it is a real pain. Our new plug-in Module2URL is the solution you have been looking for!

Moreover, modules can now be assigned to any Joomla pages (even retrieve password form if you wish). All you need is to add URLs of your pages to a new text area you will see in each of your modules (both direct URLs and SEO-optimized ones deal). Yes, as easy as that, no more need to use hacks or create modules for adding modules!

Pack includes:
  • plugin for J1.5.x line
  • multi-host installation
  • free updates
  • documentation
Module 2URL
Professional installation +$49
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It includes:
  • quick and professional response
  • configuration support for all IToris products
  • online Help Desk
Support Membership
for the term of 
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How to use it

  • Install the plug-in via standard Joomla installer
  • Select Extensions -> Plugin Manager, find it in the list of plug-ins (System - Module2URL) and enable.
  • Open any of your modules. Under the “Menu Assignment” you will see a new “Module to URL assignment” area.
  • Select "Activate engine" add URLs there. Save and done!

module2url preview