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JS CSS 2URL plug-in (v1.0)

JS CSS 2URL plugin

JS CSS 2URL is a professional plugin for developers and web masters to manage the inclusion of JavaScript and CSS files to pages thus reducing the weight of pages and improving the performance of the website.

When you add your own JS code or use a 3rd-party JS library, with this plugin you will call JS only on the pages where you need it. For example if you use Lightbox gallery for your images, you can call the Lightbox’s JavaScript only on the pages that have images, thus improving the performance of the rest of pages as your visitors will not wait till this code is uploaded on all other pages where you do not actually need it.

The same can be done with CSS files for pages, you can select on which pages the CSS file should be called.

Moreover, you can create your own custom JS and CSS directly in the plugin and associate it with the selected pages only.

Pack includes:
  • plugin for J1.5.x line
  • multi-host installation
  • free updates
  • documentation
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It includes:
  • quick and professional response
  • configuration support for all IToris products
  • online Help Desk
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How to use it

  • Install the plug-in via standard Joomla installer
  • Select Extensions -> Plugin Manager, find it in the list of plug-ins (System - JS_CSS_2URL) and enable.
  • Click the plugin’s name to open it. All settings are added inside the plugin.


There are two areas – to add JS and to add CSS rules. To add a new rule press “add new” link.


You can select to add the rule to:

  • All pages
  • Listed only. Add URLs of your pages. Both defaults and SEO-optimized will work. Add mask (*) to include the code to all pages having the same beginning of URL (*)
  • All except listed. All other pages except for the ones you will enter will have the JS code.

The type of JS code can also be selected:

  • Insert link(s) to JS file(s). Enter the URL’s of the JS code files.
  • Insert code. Enter the code directly into the area, it will be called in the pages you have selected.
  • The rule to CSS area is added in the same way.