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How to create a discount coupon in Magento 2

Magento 2 Discussion
Written by ITORIS Team, 2018-05-24   

How to create a discount coupon in Magento 2

Cart Price Rules is one of the features used for creating coupons in Magento 2. Depending on the goals your company has, coupons can be set up either individually or in bulk. They are usually promoted via email newsletters and catalogs.

How to create a discount coupon in Magento 2

Follow these steps to create an individual coupon in Magento 2:

Step 1: Go to Marketing Cart Price Rules and click the Add New Rule button;

Step 2: Expand the Rule Information section and do the following:

  • Include all the required information, for example, Rule Name and Description, set the status of your coupon to Active and include in a Coupon Code:

Rule Information Settings in Magento 2

  • If you decide to use multiple price rules at the same time, consider setting their active time with the help of From and To Date selectors. This will ease the process of managing Cart Prices Rules:

Date Selectors in Magento 2

Step 3: Click the Save button once the setup process is complete.

If you would like to generate a random code for your coupon, select the Specific coupon option within the Coupon settings field and mark the Use Auto Generation field.

How to create a coupon with conditions in Magento 2 (examples)

Let us now turn our attention to the next part of the Cart Price Rules menu which is called Conditions. This section allows you to set the necessary conditions that need to be fulfilled before customers can take advantage of a particular offer. The whole mechanism can be set by customizing the “If ALL of these conditions are TRUE” statement where ‘All’ can be replaced with ‘Any’ while ‘True’ can be replaced with ‘False’:

Settings for creating Conditions in Magento 2

Once complete, you’ll need to use the “+” symbol to start building a new condition by selecting the appropriate rules from the drop-down menus.

Let us walk through a couple of examples.

Example 1. Let us set $10 discount for the whole cart if the cart’s subtotal equals $100 or more.

Step 1: Go to Marketing Cart Price Rules and click the Add New Rule button;

Step 2: Expand the Conditions section and do the following:

  • Click the + symbol and choose Subtotal from the drop-down menu;

  • Change the default is condition to greater than.

  • Change the ... sign to the value of 100.

Step 3: Proceed to the next section called Actions. In the Apply field, select Fixed amount discount for whole cart.

Step 4: Type in $10 as a Discount Amount we would like to use. Click Save once all of the values have been included.

Below is a screenshot illustrating how our Conditions and Actions should look like:

Settings for Conditions and Actions in Magento 2

Example 2. Let us now consider a situation when you may want to stimulate your customers to order 2 items at once by giving a 50% discount on the price of the 2nd item.

Step 1: Go to Marketing PromotionsCart Price Rules and click the Add New Rule button;

Step 2: Leave the Conditions sections unchanged and move straight to the Actions section.

Step 3: Apply the following settings in the Actions section:

  • Apply the Percent of product price discount option;

  • Set the Discount Amount to 25. The logic behind this value is the fact that the 50% discount will only be applied to every 2nd item in the user’s shopping cart (2 is the value of Qty Step (Buy X) mentioned below). If we set the Qty Step (Buy X) to be equal to 3, the Discount Amount will then be equal to 50/3=16.67.

  • Leave the Maximum Qty Discount is applied to with its default value of o.

  • Set the Discount Qty Step (Buy X) to be equal to 2;

  • Leave the Apply to Shipping Amount and Discard Subsequent Rules with their default values set of No.

  • Move on to the Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions section and select SKU from the drop-down menu.

  • Leave the “is” condition as it is, click the symbol and type in 24-UG02 as the product’s SKU. Click Save once the whole process is complete.

Below are 2 screenshots illustrating how our Conditions and Actions should look like at the end:

Settings for Discount Conditions in Magento 2

Settings for Discount Actions in Magento 2

Analysing the performance of your promotional campaigns in Magento 2

Apart from the tools used to create your coupons, Magento 2 platform also offers an effective instrument for analyzing the performance of your coupon campaigns. The respective reporting tools also allow site admins to filter results for a specific store view, time, order status, and price rule.

To take advantage of the reporting features in Magento 2, follow these steps:

Step 1: Once you are logged into your Admin account, go to Reports Sales Coupons;

Step 2: Choose your preferred Store View using the respective menu located on the upper-left corner of the page;

Step 3: Fill in the sections with the information you will need to filter the results: either by Date Used, Period, Cart Price Rule, Order Status or any other:

Settings for Filtering Reporting Data in Magento 2

Step 4. Hit the Show Report button once everything is done. The results will appear at the bottom of the page.