Auto Upsells for Magento released

Auto Upsells

Auto Upsells for Magento

Generate product Upsells automatically and increase your sales by 10-15%!

Realtime Activity for Magento released

Realtime Activity

Realtime Activity for Magento

Show the activity stream to your customers. Let your customers know your most popular products: which products are currently viewed, added to cart or wishlist, or purchased, etc.

Reassign Order for Magento released

Reassign Order

Reassign Order for Magento

Assign guest orders to customers automatically by email using the Reassign Order module for Magento. Or reassign single or multiple orders manually from backend.

Product Price Formula for Magento released

Product Price Formula

Product Price Formula for Magento

Powerful extension to calculate the product price based on your custom math formula. Allows creating complex logical conditions, multi-calculation rules, price matrix and more...

Dynamic Product Options for Magento released

Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options for Magento

Custom product options now can be created literally in minutes. With Dynamic Product Options module for Magento you get a friendly interface and advanced functionality hidden behind it.

Magento Extensions IToris - Magento Enterprise developer

There are plenty of extensions for Magento, yet the ones from IToris are easily recognizable.

Modern interface. We like desktop applications and our web Magento extensions remind them. Intuitive interface, AJAX features, no extra unwanted actions - that's what you get with our extensions.

Simple installation. Forget about these endless files' copying, changes, adjustments. IToris Magento extensions are installed with several clicks.

Easy update. Again a couple of clicks and you enjoy the new version

A good and fast support, tips & tricks, new updates,
discounts - we provide all this to make unique websites
for our unique clients.

Featured Products
Slide Gallery
Slide Gallery $69
Product Tabs
Product Tabs $69
File Magus
File Magus $99
SmartFormer Gold
SmartFormer Gold $169
Magento Templates Logo

When you purchase a pre-built design theme for your Magento website you get:

  • A professional design concept at an extremely low cost
  • Great economy of your time spent on online store or website creation
  • Cross-browser compatibility guaranteed and tested for you already
  • Modern widgets embedded

Need more?

Contact us and order your brand
new logo and/or individual
unique design!

Featured Themes
Perfume Theme
Perfume Theme $99
Gift Theme
Gift Theme $99
Music Theme
Music Theme $99
Mobile Theme
Mobile Theme $169
Joomla Extensions Logo

While Joomla is a very useful interface, it isn't created to be all-encompassing of every single need of our clients. Joomla extensions are varied and multi-functional.
There are a great variety of things that you can implement into your website with IToris extensions.

We have plenty of Joomla extensions already. Though they all are for different purposes, they share some features:

  • Easily customizable
  • Reach in features
  • Intuitive interface

It has become a good tradition here in IToris to develop web-extensions with advanced behavior that makes them similar to the desktop applications in power and convenience as well as features and logic provided.

Apart from extensions we can offer additional services - support and customizations

Featured Products
2Checkout Integrator
2Checkout Integrator $69
Dating component
Dating component $99
File Magus
File Magus $39
SmartFormer Gold
SmartFormer Gold $59
Joomla Templates Logo
Professional design to your website!

At IToris we provide a full range of design services including pre-build Joomla templates.

All our templates are:

  • Compatible with the majority of modern browsers
  • Look as if you have ordered a unique design concept from a professional designer
  • Easy to install and customize

You save your money and time and this does not affect the way your website look! You can also order a unique design concept or template adjustments from us

Featured Templates
Hi-Tech Template
Hi-Tech Theme $49
Retro Template
Retro Theme $49
Cosmetology Template
Cosmetology Theme $49
Medical Template
Medical Theme $49

Web development and customization

At IToris, we provide development on many levels, for various applications, and offer a full-service customization option for our customers.

  • Development from scratch

In some instances, starting fresh is the best option for a client, and we understand the need for this service in the IT services industry.

  • CMS and e-Commerce development (Joomla, Magento, etc.)

Open-source platforms allows clients to use the site as-is, or to customize any and all elements so that their needs are met exactly as they should be.

  • Integrations of APIs:
  • Payment systems (PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, etc.)
  • Social networking tools and solutions- Google Maps, Google Charts, forums, chats, blogs and many more
  • PIs- online auctions, tour operators, etc.)

We have plenty of experience when it comes to implementing and customizing various APIs, including payment gateways and other popular add-ons to your website. We also can integrate and customize specific XML APIs, depending on your specific needs and desires.

At IToris, our goal is to offer a comprehensive suite of services so that your website can be as unique and personalized as you are. Imagine that you're adding on a two-car garage to your home. You wouldn't hire a contractor with no experience in garage building to perform the work, would you? You want the best, from professionals that know what they're doing. Likewise, why would you trust your website additions to anyone less than the best? Get your FREE quote.

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