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Joomla customizing on project basis
If you need a custom functionality for your website or wish to integrate external APIs, payment gateways or web services to your site - this service for you. We will estimate and develop your requirements as a project for fixed price with fixed timeline. Contact us for a free quote
Dedicated Joomla development team
If you do not know the scope of work to be developed, or the functionality requires сontinuous modification then you can hire our professional development team on monthly basis. The package includes 100% of a programmer's time, 20% of the team coordinator's time and 20% of a quality assurance's time. Contact us.
(starting at $4480 per month)
Design services for Joomla
If you need a unique design or a logo, or even a ready template for your website we offer you our flexible design services. Contact for quote.
(unique design creation starting at $599)
(logo creation starting at $299)
(template slicing starting at $799)
SmartFormer Documentation





Smart Former Usage

Form Manager

Form Editor


Boxes managing

Form Creation

Text input box

Password input box

Text area

Radio button

Check box

List box

Select box (drop down)



Static text

Internal/External link


Elements’ Copying

File upload

Form Properties

Data List

Email Notification

Email Templates

Dynamic Variables

Menu Item

Language Settings

Form Inserting in the Static Page

Module Usage

Form Copying

Data Editing

CSV Export

Form Preview

Immediate Notification


How To…

How to check if the form is correct before publishing it?

How to hide/show the grid?

How to set the image as the background of the form.

How to align a group of elements together?

How to delete a group of elements together?

What is validation? How can I work with mandatory elements?

I want to create a form with three pages. How can I connect the pages?

How can I create “Thank you” page for my form?

How can I add CAPTCHA code to my form?

How to see how many people have already filled the form? How can I see what they entered?

How to change the order of the pages?

How to change the Tab index (so that user is directed to a certain element with tab button’s pressing)?

How to create a direct link from ‘Internal/External link’ element?

How to change the color of the element when the user clicks on it?

How to change the edit box so that if nothing is entered – user sees the verbiage “Type value here”?

How to hide an element if the checkbox is selected?

How to make a conditional branching for the drop downs (i.e. depending on the previous selection in the first drop down users will see different options in the following drop down)?

How to allow the users to edit the form later?

How to display the username of the current user and date on the form?

How to allow the form for filling for logged in users only?

How to allow the form for filling for one time only for the current user (yet allo editing the existing form)?



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