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Web Development services

At IToris, we provide development on many levels, for various applications, and offer a full-service customization option for our customers. We work with both front-end and back-end applications. Our services include:

Full circle of Web Development from scratch

When you need a fresh new website or wish to update your existing functionality totally – this service is right for you.

It starts from system modeling phase where we define all requirements and describe them in the documentation. If required the prototypes are created as well that provide a general idea of how the system will function.

After the scope is defined the functionality is programmed according to your needs. After that is it tested on several levels (functional testing, cross-browser testing, interface testing, etc.) and uploaded on your server where re-tested again.

If you need design – our professional designers meanwhile create concepts for you. The one selected and adjusted to suit you is uploaded to the website.


Existing website customization

Sometimes you need to add some new functionality to the existing website or change the current one partially. Then this service is right for you. Here we again collect requirements; this phase can be shortened depending on the planned scope.

Development is provided and followed by two iterations of testing.


3rd-party API & web services integration into website

We have a huge experience in integrating APIs to websites, this including payment gateways, different checking services (for tenant screenings), bases for information. n search (tourism), Google APIs, etc. This service is close to the first two as again first of all we should define the scope and requirements, then provide the work and test it thoroughly.


Design services

Need a design concept? Or a logo? Or perhaps you have a ready design and need some adjustments? Here we provide all of this. Our experienced designers will provide great professional concepts, make them look the way you like and we’ll be happy to upload the new design on your website.


Magento services

We provide development, design and extensions for both Community and Enterprise editions of Magento. IToris is the official Magento partner, so our Magento services and extensions are eligible and official.


Joomla services

Any help you need with Joomla is provided as well. Starting from general consultations, help with extensions’ installation, and up to any level of configuration and customizations.


Additional services

We provide plenty of additional services not described dealing with WWW – administration, website’s migration from one server to another, quality assurance and business analysis as separate services, project management as a separate service.

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